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3 Easy Tips For Keeping You And Your Dog Happy.

 Everyone feels delighted when they see a dog happy. Dogs are filled with enthusiasm and energy, they are free-spirited, and always on the go. 


Dogs live to please and do everything they can to get you to adore them. The key is understanding their behavior, so you can give them what they need to be happy. It’s not always easy, understanding their behavior can take time and practice. There is no doubt that dogs are one of the most popular pets. They are loyal and loving companions.


It is hard to keep a dog happy, especially when stuck at home. Luckily, you can do plenty of things to raise your dog’s spirits so he can always bounce out on overdrive. 


Life can be stressful for all of us; for some dogs, chaos is the norm. Luckily, you can do a few things to make your dog happier. There is no shortage of fad diets or tips for keeping your dog happy. We have focused on you so that you can make simple changes to your daily routine and find simple ways to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Keeping your dog happy is never a problem if we know what our fur babies want. 


To ensure your dog is always happy and healthy, you must not shy away from trying out new things.  Here are some of the best ways to keep a dog happy


dog happy


And this article will provide all the information you need about what is happening inside dogs’ bodies, why they need certain things, and how you can give them their needs. 


  • Take them on a good walk. 

  • Walking is one of the easiest and best ways to make your dog happy. If your dog wags his tail, whimpers with excitement, jump up and down, or goes off to find his leash when you ask them if they want to go on a walk, this is an activity to capitalize on. 


There are many benefits for you as a dog owner, as well, when it comes to taking your pup on a stroll. You will also get great exercise and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.


Your pup will most likely find a ton of new smells to sniff (their favorite). Watch your dog when on a walk and observe their sense of wonder and fascination with everything! Remember to be present when spending time with your fluffy furbaby. Going on a walk can put you and your pup in great moods for the rest of the day or evening.


  • Plan a doggy date. 

  • Aside from taking them to a good troll, keeping a dog happy requires a bunch of friendly doggy dates! And it does not mean you go to a fancy restaurant, order a good steak, or shop in the mall and hoard everything you see to make the dog happy. A simple play in the courtyard, a trip to a nearby beach, or even playing with them with a new golf ball or frisbee would be enough to keep a dog happy. It is the unwavering extra-attention that counts!  Remember that what makes this ‘date’ extra special is the time and attention you have given them, enough to make their heart stir!


  • Let them be a dog. 

  • If your fur child likes to dig, swim, or romp around in nature, let them be a dog and savor their experience. They may get a little dirty, but you can plan for that. Bring plenty of towels and water for your pup on your dog-tastic outing. This is a free way to make your dog happy! If they enjoy swimming, let them spend some time in a pool or bring a ball to throw at the lake. A kiddie pool is a great at-home option, too. If they like to dig or run wild, take them to a dog park or hike where this is accessible. 



As much as they have given us enough joy in life, we must also give them the pleasure back! There have been a lot of times that we may stop them from being the spirited animals they are, so it is our time to put an end to that. Let your dog be the happy dog they could ever be in life! 


dog happy


Dogs offer an abundance of love and companionship if you know how to reciprocate. Good dog training can help you give your pet everything they need to be happy, but it can be challenging. Keeping a dog happy is never a problem if we know what our fur babies want. 


Your dog’s doggy desires are simple: trust, food, affection, and fun. If you can provide these things, the money and fame that other people seek will seem unimportant to your dog. They are the ultimate best friends we can ever need and want. 


So, let’s make our dog happy

By: Kathleen Beatriz Lapig