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All our pet hosts come through a rigorous vetting process and background checks. They are pet owners themselves or have been previously.

We will capture and share all the details around your pet baby with them, like how much does he/she eat, at what time, how long and intense a walk they need, and how much of cuddle time makes them happy.

Your baby will be hosted in some of the best homes in the city. A separate sleeping area AC and feeding will be included.

They stay will be booked exclusively for your dog to ensure maximum attention and ensure they come back home the way you left them.

We ensure all pets on the premises are vaccinated and tic free and ready to become friends with your loved baby.

We understand and that’s why under Snouter guarantee we give you a free meet and greet. Go with your pet, spend some time at the hosts home to make sure your pet feels the most comfortable when you are not there.

The price includes only home cooked food. In case your furbaby has special dietary needs we strongly suggest you drop the food with the pet. The hosts will ensure they are fed on time.

It’s a no questions asked trial. You book it only if you like it.

Not all parents are capable of addressing special needs dogs. We strongly suggest you read the listing thoroughly and chat with the parent to ensure they will take care of your pet the right way.

We have in house support of vets who will visit your pets in case they need urgent attention

Our support is available 24/7 to help you out

We have a very robust supply of hosts and we will find you one more amazing host asap

You will be constantly in touch with the host with messages pictures and videos to make sure you are always updated on your pet and stay stress free.

Currently we provide dog boarding and day care as a service. We will be soon adding other services like walking and  vets also.

All our hosts go through a thorough background check and vetting process. 

Activities include feeding and walking. Play time and cuddles are extra and may depend on the host. Please check the description of each host for more details.

We ensure all thedogs at the host’s place are vaccinated and tick free. We also only accept tick free dogs to ensure well being on both sides. We also have a vet on call in case of emergencies.

We look for spaces that are pet friendly. We believe in cage free stays in homes where your pets can roam around freely without inhibition. All homes will have a dedicated sleeping area for your pets. Homes can vary in sizes and type and may or may not have lawns.

Hosting is a great way to spend quality time with some amazing fury babies from your neighbourhood. Hosting is an extremely rewarding experience emotionally. You will be contributing to the community where someone will take care of your dog when you have to travel.And all of this while you earn extra income in the process. 

Once you’ve signed up on Snouters, you would be asked to complete your profile. Navigate to your profile and fill in some basic information about yourself and about your homestay.Once our Customer Service Executive verifies you as a host, your listing will be available for customers to search.

No we do not charge a listing fee


We charge 5% commission all inclusive

Customer support

We have our own customer support that will handle customer issues 24/7

How will I manage my booking calendar?

You will get access to a backend where you can mark your availability

Payments will be managed by us and will be directly transferred to your bank account post checkout after deducting the commission. Payment may take upto 14 days to hit your bank account post processing.

We are launching by end of october. Website is under development

We will share the login credentials for your backend with you. You will have to update your availability, pricing and everything else.We highly recommend keeping it updated in case you get some offline booking.

The commission that we charge goes towards building amazing tech tools, marketing your homestay and building a world class customer support.

Bookings on the marketplace are directly proportional to operational performance and customer reviews. As you respond and accept more bookings, the chances of getting more bookings become higher

Though you have your own website you are competing aggressively on google with other listings in your region. We make customers find you very easily and not always book the no.1 listing on google. More customers means more revenue

In case the booking is cancelled 48 hours before the day check in we give a full refund to the customer. After which there is no refund. We will deduct the commission and transfer the money to you. 

The founders are pet parents 🙂 and IIT,ISB alumni

Once you get a booking we will share a detailed profile of the pet with the do’s and dont’s.

For every booking we offer a free meet and greet where the customer will come to your place and spend time to ensure everything is good.

We will take only spayed, vaccinated, tic free and comfortable with new cats/dogs.

No this will be exclusive hosting for a single pet only unless you want to leave an additional pet with the host.

You should actively use the chat feature to share regular updates, photos of the good time the pet is having at your stay.

Yes absolutely, you will have full flexibility to accept and reject bookings via your dashboard.

Yes, but bear in mind that customers plan a lot around the booking and travel dates. Reach out to us as soon as possible if you are not able to host. Also this negatively impacts your score on the marketplace and may also eventually lead to pausing your account.

Though we do not expect this to happen. In case you encounter this please reach out to us immediately.

Thousands of Pet parents in India struggle to find safe homes to leave their pet when they’re traveling. Through Snouters you can become a pet host/sitter to take care of these pets and make a side income

Yes, the pet will be dropped at your place.

You will get a rebooking request on the platform with a notification on your email and SMS. Our team will also assisting with a completion of a booking

The first step goal is to fill the host onboarding form and share the following list of pictures. You can also email us the pictures on support@snouters.com post which team will evaluate your profile and guide you through the next steps

Pictures are the best way for a pet parent to evaluate what kind of a space the pet will be getting. It helps pet parents make the right choice

Though most parents prefer to do a con call before booking, in rare scenarios we would facilitate a meet and greet before they complete the booking.

All stays are pre paid and we do not accept any stays without the customer paying in full.

We have more than 200+ hosts on the platform

We have done more than 1000+ bookings

We are present in all key metro cities and rapidly expanding to new cities. If you don’t see us still live in your city do not hesitate to fill the form. We will launch your city soon.

Snouters provides a fair and transparent marketplace for you to transact. Transacting outside of Snouters exposes you to risks both financial and non financial. Snouters customer care is available 24/7 to ensure you always get the best protection.

Before the booking parents are asked to fill a detailed pet profile form. This pet profile form is shared with you before the booking, where you will get all the details of the pet you will be hosting. You can choose to accept/reject a booking based on the profile.

This totally depends on the area you live in, month of the year and many other factors. Our hosts have done upwards of 25 days of booking in a month during peak season.

Prices are completely controlled by you, Though we do have a lot of market intelligence and will be happy to assist you in setting the most competitive prices.

Payments are processed on the day of check out. Once processed, money should hit your bank account within 24 to 48 hours of processing

Snouters is still a puppy growing very fast. It is a six month old startup and has presence in all metro cities.

We are based out of Delhi but have presence in all metro cities

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