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Dog Groomer Job

Take up a pet sitter job and care for the pets at their own house. Become a pet sitter.

Cat Groomer Job

Take by the pet boarding job to invite the pets to your house and have a furry partner with you overnight.

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What Our Partners Say

It has been great partnership with Snouters.The quality of bookings assigned is great and we get paid promptly. I have really enjoyed working for Snouters as a dog groomer.


I started working with Snouters two months back. It has been a very fulfilling experience grooming pets at their homes. The Snouters team is always available and very helpful. It has been such a smooth journey from applying to getting paid.


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About Snouters Pet Groomer Jobs

If you love animals and are passionate about making your job interesting and fun, we got you. “Doing this means a lot to me, every pet brings me pleasure and I can’t wait for them to come back next time.” says one of our new pet groomers. By becoming a pet groomer with Snouters you will be able to encourage pet health. You will be able to inform people about better ways to take care of their fur babies. Not just that it will also give you satisfaction and inner peace from doing what you love. Pet groomer job at Snouters will be one of the most rewarding experiences for you.

When you love animals there is no task more rewarding than caring for pets. By taking up a dog groomer job or cat groomer job with snouters you get to bring out your artistic and creative self in the most fun way possible. “ After each session, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment. It is like I make a new fur friend each time.” says one of our dog groomers. “ I used to work at a corporate, after shifting to a new city I did not join a company. I started working with Snouters, and after every session, the pet owners say “thank you”, this rarely happens in the corporate.” says another happy cat groomer of ours.

We want to provide our customers with the best grooming services, and to ensure that all of our groomers on the job need to meet a few requirements. All our groomers are highly trained experts to ensure that our customers get the most compassionate groomers with best in class services. The impact that our pet groomers have is more than just a bath and style, our groomers become an advisor to the pet parent. From care to health to behaviour we ensure that our pet groomers are well informed in all these areas.

We are proud to be an organisation that offers diverse working opportunities to pet groomers. All our groomers are highly paid for the home pet grooming bookings they service. Our team makes it very easy for every new dog groomers or cat groomers to be a part of our family. We are more than happy to help you at every stage of your onboarding, all you need to do is approach us. We provide our pet groomers with the best skills so that each groomer in our family becomes an expert. We have pet grooming jobs in all the leading cities in India – Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Kolkata, Chennai.

Our pet grooming services are delivered at the doorsteps of our customers hence our pet grooming jobs give you a chance to be at different places to flaunt your skills. Getting a chance to meet new people daily helps you make new friends and expand your professional network. As a groomer, you get to know a wide variety of dogs, cats, and other animal breeds. “ I am a veterinary medicine student. Through Snouters I got some really good experiences.” said a member of our family. With flexible working hours that fit your schedule to new and interesting tasks every day, we try to provide our groomers with the best work and working conditions. Of course, there are many things to research about and take care of before you can start offering your service but the start is just one click away, click and register yourself for pet groomer job with Snouters.


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