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The Snouters Guarantee

We care about the health and well-being of pets and want to give pet care providers the confidence to act quickly in an emergency.

Every booking made on Snouters is backed by the Snouters Guarantee, which includes up to INR10,000 in vet care for eligible claims.

Who is the Snouters Guarantee for? Pets!

The Snouters Guarantee is a reimbursement program primarily intended to protect pets during the Snouters Stay.

What to expect

  • Snouters will reimburse costs upto INR 10,000 on vet costs*
  • Care is covered for up to 30 days from the booking date.
*Terms and Conditions apply

Let’s dig into more of the details


The Snouters Guarantee covers

  • Up to INR 10,000 in vet care reimbursement for eligible claims related to injury to either the pet owner’s or sitter’s pets.
  • 24/7 support.

The Snouters Guarantee does not cover

  • Damages to the sitter’s property or home.

  • Injury to sitters, dog walkers, and groomers.

  • Injuries to family members or roommates.

  • Vet care costs beyond 30 days.

  • Anything pre-existing or preventable — such as fleas and ticks.

In order to be eligible, injuries or damages must result from care provided during a service booked and paid through Snouters. In general, the Guarantee reimburses costs in the event the responsible party is unwilling or unable to pay.

See Snouters Guarantee Terms for full details

Take these steps before filing a claim

1. Notify Snouters

Email srikant@snouters.com and notify our 24/7 Trust & Safety team of the incident if you have not already. We can’t help if we don’t know what has happened!

In many cases, we can help you take immediate steps to mitigate the injury or damage caused by an incident, such as connecting you with a board-certified veterinarian by phone or providing resources to help locate a lost dog. For this reason, we ask both pet care providers and pet owners to notify us as soon as possible after an incident occurs—and in any event no later than 48 hours after the booking has ended.

2. Contact the other party

Contact the other party through your Snouters inbox to see if you can find a resolution together. We know from experience that issues are often best resolved by simply reaching out to the other person. It’s important to communicate through your Snouters inbox so there is a record of the conversation. If you’re unable to come to an agreement, absolutely let us know.

3. Work with your insurance provider

If you have insurance that may cover some or all costs arising from an injury or damage otherwise falling under the Snouters Guarantee, such as pet or homeowner’s insurance, you should file a claim under that policy before seeking reimbursement from Snouters. In such a case the Snouters Guarantee may be leveraged to meet deductibles or cover costs that fall outside your policy.

How to file a claim

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you can file a claim for reimbursement under the Snouters Guarantee.


  1. First, determine if you’re eligible
    To be eligible, the pet care service related to the reimbursable incident must have been booked and paid on Snouter.com, and the injury or damage must have occurred during the booked dates. You must also have notified Snouter of the incident within 48 hours of the end of the service.
  2. To file your claim
    Contactus us at srikant@Snouter.com and we’ll guide you through the claims process.
  3. Next steps after filing

    All claim-related information will be evaluated to determine if the incident is the result of care provided during a service booked and paid for on Snouter.

    We’ll reach out to everyone involved to gather as much information as possible, including a written statement from each party. These documents will play a key role in the review process.

What to include with your claim

For vet care-related claims, include the following:

  • All veterinary treatment notes and invoices from a board-certified practicing veterinarian.

  • Any photos, additional receipts, and other relevant documents.

Note: All documentation must be submitted within seven days of the injury. Once we’ve received these documents, Snouter’s claims team will review to determine eligibility. Should we have additional questions, we may follow up with either party.

For property damage claims, include the following:

All potentially relevant documentation, including
  • Photos of the damage.
  • Receipts, original product packaging, warranty cards, or other proof of ownership to help establish fair market value.

Note: All documentation must be submitted within seven days of the injury. Once we’ve received these documents, Snouter’s claims team will review to determine eligibility. Should we have additional questions, we may follow up with either party.

As pet parents ourselves, we know how emotional and challenging these situations can be, which is why we offer the protection of the Snouters Guarantee. Snouters Support and our Trust & Safety team are also available 24/7 to help you through this process, answer questions, and simply be there for you and your pets.


Frequently asked questions about the Snouters Guarantee

No. Reimbursement under the Snouters Guarantee is generally paid out of Snouter’s own pocket—though we reserve the right to refer a claim to our insurance carriers when necessary or appropriate.

The Snouters Guarantee exists to fill the gap when the responsible party—usually the pet care provider—is unable or unwilling to pay for costs arising from damage or injury attributable to their negligence, and when insurance is not available. It is a contractual agreement from Snouters to protect its users, enforceable in accordance with the Snouters Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

The process may vary. We’ll work as quickly as possible with hopes of resolving all claims within 14 days of receiving all appropriate documentation.

Refunds and reimbursement are considered on a case-by-case basis. When it comes to refunds for services, Snouter requires that owners and pet care providers attempt to work together before filing a reimbursement claim. Please try contacting the other party through your Snouter inbox as your first step.

We’re here for both pet owners and pet care providers, and we take concerns from both parties seriously. Safety is a top priority for us, and results for parties found at fault can range from coaching to removal from the community. We’ll always do our best to come to a fair resolution.

What is covered:

Vet care for injuries to a pet owner’s pet(s) while under a pet care provider’s care (in cases where the pet care provider may be otherwise liable).

Vet care for injuries to the pet care provider’s resident pet(s) caused by a pet owner’s pet(s) (in cases where the pet owner may be otherwise liable).

Out-of-pocket medical costs arising from injury to certain third parties caused by a pet owner’s pet(s).

What isn’t covered:

Damage to the property of a pet care provider or someone related to or residing with the pet care provider.

Damage to a pet owner’s property caused by their own pets.

Injury or damage that arises outside of the dates of a service booked and paid for through Snouter, including Meet & Greets.

Long-term vet care—i.e., care that extends more than 30 days past injury.

Treatment costs for preventive care, a preventable illness, or a condition that is chronic, breed-specific, or pre-existing.

Preventable conditions such as fleas, ticks, or parasites.

Injury to the pet care provider or pet owner or someone related to or residing with the pet care provider or pet owner.

Consequential, emotional, or other non-economic damages related to an injury or incident.

Losses and damages paid by any other insurance including health insurance, pet insurance, homeowners insurance, or renters insurance.

The Snouter Guarantee does not provide coverage for theft. For any situation potentially including stolen property, involved parties are encouraged to reach out to local law enforcement.

See Snouters Guarantee Terms for more details

Yes. For a complete understanding of the Snouters Guarantee, including the full list of conditions, exclusions and limitations, we strongly encourage you to read the Snouters Guarantee Terms and Condition, which are part and parcel of Snouter’s Terms of Service.