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Online vet consultations and home vet visits

Pet Clinic Near Me

Snouters home & online vet consultation offers the utmost comfort for your pet and convenience for you. Our trusted doctors bring the best of veterinary services to your home.

Trusted vets at your home

Caring Pet parents depend on google for everyday questions like – “Why did my pet vomit today ?” or “why did my pet refuse to eat today ?”

We have partnered with the trusted veterinary doctors in your city to bring you the best veterinary care for your pets when they need and where they need it.

No question is too small or too big when it comes to your pets health. We have made quality vet services easily affordable, accessible, convenient and comfortable.

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Schedule a home & online vet consultation with the very best veterinary professionals in your city

Vets in Bangalore

Dr Ramesh, MVSc (Physician)

Veterinarian consultant with 4+ years of experience. Specialist in Veterinary Pharmocology and Toxicology in Pets.

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Book Best Home and Online Vet Consultation services in your cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad

Why choose Snouters Home and Online Vet Consultation ?

All pets deserve the best care and SNOUTERS is here to provide you with the best. With our online vet consultation services and a mission to provide the highest standards of excellence in veterinary medicine, we are no doubt the best choice for the needs of your pet.


Through online vet consultations, our doctors strive to deliver compassionate and thorough care to all our pets. Our qualified, experienced doctors and trained helping staff will make the stressful process of long hours quick and easy. For pets, more than half the health issues can be addressed and diagnosed online, you don’t have to always search for veterinary hospital near me.


All you have to do is book an online vet appointment, tell us the problems your pooch is facing and that is it. The doctors can advise you with a solution and medication if required. Not just that at Snouters we do not believe in a one-time service we are interested in building a relationship so we provide you with quick follow-up sessions as well. Most pet parents face the problem that they cannot consult their regular veterinary doctors after the hours but we provide you with a 24 hours veterinary service with no time constraints. Our doctors are pleased to help you out no matter what the time is. 


Our online veterinary doctors (vetonline) can help you out in many situations. You consulted a doctor but need a second opinion? we can help you out. You see a behaviour change in your pet(cat, dog) that is not very serious but concerns you? talk to us, we are your answer to the “best vet near me”. You are short on time and do not know why your pooch is not eating today? Maybe we have an answer. You can ask all your questions and get consultation over a call, video call or just a text chain. We value communication, transparency, understanding and honesty. We aim to keep our clients well-informed and comfortable.


Our online pet clinic provides the services of online diagnosis, pet(cat, dog) vaccination and wellness consultation, food and nutrition counselling, dental health tips, weight management consultation, and in person references. At Snouters we understand that our pets are our family members, and we recognize the need to ensure they receive the absolute best care possible.


We all know that pets grow a natural liking for their homes and nearby surroundings. Your furbaby loves his home just as much as you do. We do not want to make your pooch anxious for small, regular and non serious checkups. We provide our best home vet services at your doorsteps as well. Arranging for a veterinary service and matching it with your schedule becomes a problem. Our vet at home service is a happy and convenient choice for both you and your pet, all you have to do is book an appointment. You can get all the cat and dog vaccinations from our home veterinary doctors.


We pride ourselves on our highly qualified friendly staff that provide a perfect blend of compassionate care and cutting edge services. We consider ourselves an extension of your family, providing loving, professional and personalised service to maintain the health of your pet. We can help determine how urgent your pet’s problem is, give general medical advice, and answer general health or product questions and all this from the comfort of your home.


This not just helps you but also saves your pet a lot of anxiety. When you step into our online vet consultation clinic you choose to maintain the health of your pet from head to tail. As a new member of our family you can expect our full attention to your pets needs. We assure you that service will be provided with courtesy, compassion and respect. Everyday we work hard to create an atmosphere that feels like “home” to not just you but also your pets. We are really excited to meet you and our fur friends.


Snouters vision and mission

SNOUTERS is India’s largest pet services company. Snouters connects pet parents with loving pet care providers who offer overnight services, including boarding and in-home pet sitting, as well as daytime services, including doggy daycare, dog walking, drop-in visits, veterinary services and pet grooming.

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