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Sakshi Majumder
(4 of 5)
We had left our cat for few days and overall we are happy with the service. Host was kind and tried to keep the cat entertained. But we got an impression that she may be more comfortable dealing with dogs than cats. We were told that she was hosting only our cat at that time but it looked like there was a dog in one of the rooms.
Posted on 3 November 2022
(3 of 5)
https://g.co/kgs/gmn7VA CONS: 1. Didn’t like it: Because the host was not transparent and they already had two dogs and she was in the business of dog sitting and she hadn’t told us. One of our dogs was not comfortable with other dogs and that’s why we had gone with snouters originally 2. The house was extremely small, under 400 sqft for the entire house and in this house they were hosting two of my dogs and two other dogs. When we came back, they had other dogs which were different from the ones who were there when we had dropped our dogs. 3. The host also looked inexperienced and I was continuously worried if they will be fine when the dogs were being walked. PROS: 4. Platform is okay but do your due diligence and visit the place before you board your dog. 5. The platform mandates videos of dogs two three times a day which is good 6. In the end, when I met my dogs, they were okay, and fed well. But one of them had a small scratch which is okay and can happen while playing. 7. The host was kind enough to meet us at our house to introduce herself.
Posted on 24 June 2022
Sakshi Majumder
(4 of 5)
Posted on 24 April 2022

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