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12 steps to make this Diwali comfortable for your dog

As only a few days remain till the festival of lights, a popular Hindu fiesta, better known as Diwali or Deepavali, we must realize that it has a very high tendency of leaving a disastrous impact on your furry friends. The lights, the noise, and the colours can be very disturbing and overwhelming for them. While the celebration of this majestic festival brings loads of joy and ecstasy to human beings and families, one has to consider how it affects animals and pets. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your pet’s safety and stable mental well-being during Diwali, and to know what they are, keep reading!

An auspicious and meaningful festival, Diwali is celebrated across most regions in India. Being a pet owner in India means being extra careful during this time and giving your little ones as much comfort as they need. It is not news that there are thousands of people who misuse the concept of bursting crackers during Diwali on purpose, to torture and scare animals. Whilst doing all you can for the stray dogs and cats in your locality is noble, it is also the utmost necessary act of humanity. If you own a pet then you must know how exactly do fire-crackers affect your fur babies. Bursting crackers release poisonous and toxic gases like Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen and Potassium. These gases when inhaled, affect animals way more than humans. They can cause serious health conditions and difficulty in breathing. The loud noise of crackers startles your pets and makes the anxious and induces fear. If your pet comes in contact with a cracker they may sustain fatal injuries and burns. If these aren’t enough reasons to switch to a pet-friendly Diwali then consider this, the pollution and smoke of crackers makes many birds and animals temporarily or partially blind. The sad reality of this situation is that even if pet-owners all over India choose to enjoy an all-inclusive Diwali celebration without the involvement of crackers, there are many who won’t. To keep your pets safe and happy during this period, you need to be vigilant at all times and take the following precautions.

Try to follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure every window and door in your house is shut and curtains drawn so that less noise penetrates inside. Loud noises can alarm your pets and make them feel the need to run away.
  2. If someone has brought fireworks in the house, store them completely out of reach. They should never be accessible to your pet in any way.
  3. Choose less harmful ways of decoration and lighting like mud diyas and lamps, and not very flashy lights. Too much light or exposure is also not good for the furry little ones.
  4. Walk your pets properly during daytime, before the celebrations begin outside, so that they don’t feel the need to go out and stay safe from harm’s way.
  5. In case of extreme anxiety or distress, take them to the nearest vet in the safest way possible. Check for availability of your vet prior to the festive days so that you have an option in case of an emergency.
  6. Even if your pet is indoors, make sure they have a collar and identification tag on them at all times.
  7. Try to mask the loud noise by playing some comforting music in the room in which your pet feels most at ease.
  8. Dog masks or air purifiers can help your pets breathe better and prevent them from inhaling toxic substances released in the air during festivities.
  9. Try to either keep your dog or cat in a slightly compact space or tied up using a leash during this festival as their coats have the tendency to be inflammable if left near an open fire source such as a diya or lantern. Trimming their coats prior to the festive days can also offer more protection.
  10. Have a first-aid kit and anti-anxiety medicines ready in case of a mishap or major anxiety attack. You can also store a mild sedative just in case of emergency.
  11.  Rangoli decorations are common during Diwali but the coloured powders used to make these are not advised to be brought in contact with animals. Instead, you can opt for a flower Rangoli or any other organic option that does not harm your pet in any way.
  12.  Another important point to remember is to not leave your pet alone for long stretches of time as they would already be dealing with a lot. Not seeing someone familiar around could increase chances of nervous breakdowns and the need to escape.

The bottom-line is that your pets need your love, care and affection more than ever during a festival like Diwali. It is quite a task to ensure your pet’s happiness and safety in India during this festival but not impossible. Following these measures can help you and your pet survive and enjoy Diwali comfortably. If you decide to go for a Diwali vacation or outing, pet boarding at Snouters is always available and we guarantee extra care, a safe and happy stay for your pet during this time. Having said that, this year, I sincerely hope that you have a pet-friendly, safe and Happy Diwali!