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Best 10 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Pune

In Pune, a city that thrives on diversity and inclusivity, finding pet-friendly restaurants in Pune is like discovering hidden gems that cater not only to your culinary desires but also to your beloved pets. Imagine a tranquil afternoon, surrounded by delectable cuisine, while your four-legged companions bask in the welcoming atmosphere. Pune offers an abundance of pet-friendly restaurants that will transform your dining experience into a memorable treat for you and your furry friends. In this extensive guide, we will explore the top 10 pet-friendly restaurants in Pune, all very real and committed to ensuring your dining experience is nothing short of paw-sitively amazing.


The Flour Works

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Nestled in Kalyani Nagar, The Flour Works stands as an exquisite haven for pet-friendly dining, seamlessly blending European elegance with a warm embrace for your furry companions.

  • Vibe: The Flour Works in Kalyani Nagar is a sanctuary of European elegance, where rustic charm meets modern comfort. Its ambiance invites you to unwind and savor every moment with your pets. The outdoor seating area, spacious and thoughtfully designed, ensures you and your furry companions can relish your meal together in perfect harmony.
  • Cuisine: Delight in the flavors of European and Continental cuisine, meticulously prepared to tantalize your taste buds. The menu boasts an array of gourmet dishes that showcase the restaurant’s commitment to providing a memorable dining experience.
  • Perfect For: Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic evening, a family looking for quality time together, or a friend gathering for a delightful meal, The Flour Works sets the perfect stage for  pet-friendly restaurants in Pune.


Teddy Boy

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Teddy Boy, situated in Baner, stands as a vibrant culinary gem that not only captivates with its menu but also welcomes pets with open arms, making it a perfect choice for pet enthusiasts.

  • Vibe: Teddy Boy, nestled in Baner, offers a vivacious and eclectic ambiance. The restaurant’s quirky decor and lively atmosphere create an atmosphere where you and your pets can enjoy a fun-filled dining experience. It’s a place where you can truly be yourself while your furry friends explore their surroundings.
  • Cuisine: Teddy Boy’s menu is a fusion of Indian and Continental delights, promising a diverse range of flavors that cater to various palates. It’s a culinary journey that guarantees satisfaction.
  • Perfect For: Teddy Boy is the ideal destination for those who seek a lively and spirited dining experience with their pets. The added bonus of a dedicated pet play area ensures your furry companions are as entertained as you are.


Effingut Brewerkz

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Effingut Brewerkz in Koregaon Park isn’t just a haven for craft beer enthusiasts; it’s also a welcoming space for pet owners to enjoy a delightful blend of brews and bites.

  • Vibe: Koregaon Park’s Effingut Brewerkz offers a warm and welcoming ambiance that perfectly complements its wooden interiors and craft beer-inspired decor. The restaurant’s coziness and relaxed setting make it an excellent choice for pet parents who cherish quality time with their four-legged companions.
  • Cuisine: Craft beer enthusiasts will be in their element with an extensive selection of in-house brewed beers. The menu complements the brews with an array of delectable Continental dishes.
  • Perfect For: Effingut Brewerkz caters to beer connoisseurs and pet lovers alike. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful outdoor setting for a meal with your pets or simply want to savor good food and drinks, this pet-friendly restaurant in Pune checks all the boxes.


Dario’s Trattoria

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Dario’s Trattoria in Koregaon Park seamlessly brings the charm of an authentic Italian trattoria to Pune, offering a pet-friendly haven for those seeking a taste of Italy.

  • Vibe: Dario’s Trattoria in Koregaon Park transports you to an authentic Italian trattoria with its charming outdoor seating area. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance sets the stage for an intimate meal with your pets. It’s a space where you can create cherished memories.
  • Cuisine: Indulge in the flavors of Italy with a menu that boasts classic pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas, each crafted with precision to satisfy your cravings.
  • Perfect For: Dario’s Trattoria is the perfect choice for couples and families looking to immerse themselves in the tastes of Italy while sharing the experience with their furry companions. Don’t forget to pamper your pets with homemade dog treats, a true testament to this pet-friendly restaurant in Pune.

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Independence Brewing Company

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Independence Brewing Company in Mundhwa is not just a brewpub oasis; it’s a haven for pet owners looking for a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy craft brews with their four-legged friends.

  • Vibe: Independence Brewing Company in Mundhwa provides a tranquil and laid-back ambiance, perfect for pet parents looking for a peaceful outdoor setting. The spacious courtyard and pet-friendly approach ensure an inviting atmosphere where both you and your pets can unwind.
  • Cuisine: Delight in the diverse flavors of Continental cuisine while exploring a variety of craft beers brewed in-house. Each dish is carefully crafted to complement the range of brews on offer.
  • Perfect For: This brewpub is an excellent choice for beer enthusiasts and pet lovers seeking a relaxed atmosphere. It’s an oasis where you can dine in style with your furry companions, and water bowls are readily available to keep your pets refreshed.


The 1st Brewhouse

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

The 1st Brewhouse, situated in Hadapsar, is not just a brewpub gem; it’s a lively spot where live music, craft beers, and a pet-friendly environment come together for an exceptional experience.

  • Vibe: The 1st Brewhouse, located in Hadapsar, offers a lively and engaging atmosphere. Live music, a pet-friendly beer garden, and an overall convivial setting make it a place where you and your pets can enjoy good music, great food, and exceptional company.
  • Cuisine: The menu at The 1st Brewhouse features an array of Continental dishes that pair wonderfully with their craft beers. It’s a dining experience that caters to both your taste buds and your pet’s enjoyment.
  • Perfect For: The 1st Brewhouse is a haven for those who appreciate live music, craft beer, and quality time with their pets. It’s a destination where the music and the food are in perfect harmony, just like your pet-friendly dining experience in Pune.


Hidden Place – The Hangout

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Hidden Place – The Hangout in Baner is not just a vibrant hub; it’s a lively spot that welcomes pets, creating an energetic atmosphere for a memorable dining experience.

  • Vibe: Hidden Place – The Hangout in Baner is a vibrant and energetic hub, perfect for pet parents who enjoy a lively atmosphere. The restaurant’s casual yet inviting ambiance sets the stage for a relaxed dining experience with your pets.
  • Cuisine: With an extensive menu offering a variety of dishes, Hidden Place caters to a wide range of tastes. From finger foods to hearty meals, there’s something for everyone.
  • Perfect For: Hidden Place – The Hangout is a great choice for pet lovers who want to combine great food and a social atmosphere while spending quality time with their furry companions. It’s a place where you can unwind and have a blast.


Grandmama’s Café

pet-friendly restaurants in pune

Grandmama’s Café in Viman Nagar is not just a family favorite; it’s a beloved spot that welcomes pets, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for quality time with your furry companions.

  • Vibe: Grandmama’s Café in Viman Nagar is renowned for its warm and welcoming ambiance. The cozy setting and friendly staff make it feel like a home away from home for you and your pets. It’s a place where you can unwind and relish quality time with your furry companions.
  • Cuisine: The menu boasts a variety of multi-cuisine dishes, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the family, including your pets. From comforting classics to contemporary creations, the food is designed to please diverse palates.
  • Perfect For: Grandmama’s Café is a beloved choice for families and pet parents seeking a comfortable and inviting spot to dine with their furry companions. It’s a destination where you can enjoy a memorable meal together, and the dedicated pet menu adds to the appeal.



pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Euriska, a delightful establishment in Koregaon Park, seamlessly combines the allure of a pet-friendly paradise with culinary excellence, making it a haven for pet owners seeking a vibrant and flavorful dining experience.

  • Vibe: Euriska in Mundhwa offers a picturesque outdoor seating area with a Mediterranean vibe. Surrounded by lush greenery, the ambiance creates a serene and tranquil setting where you can dine with your pets in perfect harmony.
  • Cuisine: Indulge in the delightful flavors of Mediterranean and European cuisine. Each dish is crafted with precision, ensuring a satisfying meal that caters to your culinary cravings.
  • Perfect For: Euriska is a dream come true for nature lovers and pet parents who seek a peaceful dining experience with their pets. Water bowls are readily available to keep your pets refreshed, and the scenic backdrop guarantees a memorable outing.


Blue Water

pet-friendly restaurants in Pune

Blue Water, situated in Hinjawadi, isn’t just about serene riverside dining; it’s an oasis of tranquility in the midst of the city, providing a peaceful setting for a memorable meal with your pets.

  • Vibe: Blue Water, situated in Hinjawadi, offers a serene and picturesque riverside dining experience. The outdoor seating area overlooks the tranquil waters, providing a calming backdrop for your meal with your pets. It’s an oasis of tranquility in the midst of the city.
  • Cuisine: The restaurant’s menu features a fusion of Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines, ensuring a diverse selection to please various tastes. The flavors are as captivating as the riverside views.
  • Perfect For: Blue Water is an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful dining experience with their pets, away from the bustling city. Whether you’re on a romantic date or a family outing, this pet-friendly restaurant in Pune promises a memorable time.


Tips for Dining with Your Pet:

  • Before heading out, always check the restaurant’s pet policy to ensure a smooth and enjoyable dining experience.
  • Keep your pet on a leash and ensure they are well-behaved to create a positive atmosphere for everyone.
  • Carry essentials like water bowls and waste bags to ensure your pet’s comfort and cleanliness.
  • Respect the space and comfort of fellow diners to foster a harmonious dining environment.


Pune’s pet-friendly culture is a thriving testament to the city’s enduring love for its furry residents. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, dining out with your pets in Pune promises an unforgettable experience. The city’s pet-friendly restaurants not only allow pets but also celebrate their presence with genuine warmth.

Before embarking on this delightful adventure, reviewing each restaurant’s pet policy is advisable to ensure a harmonious experience. These top 10 pet-friendly establishments stand as beacons of excellence, offering sanctuaries where you and your pets can create cherished memories, celebrate companionship, and revel in Pune’s love for all things furry. As you plan your next outing, don’t forget to include these pet-friendly havens in your itinerary, allowing your pets to be a part of your adventures and experience Pune’s hospitality. These restaurants are more than places to dine; they are gateways to unforgettable moments, embracing the city’s culture of inclusivity and warmth towards pets. Embrace Pune’s pet-friendly culture and make lasting memories in the company of your beloved companions.