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5 Things to Look for in a Dog Walker

A man’s best friend also keeps them healthy by asking for evening and morning walks. Dogs are active animals. It is in their nature to frolic happily in expansive parks chasing butterflies that rest on their noses. However, more often than not routine commitments limit these merry times for your dog. When the pet parents are too busy to take their dog out for a stroll, the dog becomes lazy and may even gain weight which can adversely affect their health. To stay mentally and physically healthy, your dog needs to go on walks regularly. If your schedule does not permit this, your next reaction might be to take to Google and type “dog walker near me.” Unfortunately, a simple “dog walker near me” search is not enough to find a walker who is suitable for your furry companion. As every dog is different, you will have to invest time in finding just the right companion for your dog. We have compiled some tips to help you in your journey of finding a reliable and suitable dog walker.

Seek Recommendations

The easiest way to find a professional is to ask around for recommendations. If you seek recommendations in offices, why not for your dog? The next time you take your dog for a walk observe if there are other furry buddies in your neighbourhood. Maybe your colleagues or friends have dogs and they have a reliable dog walker who takes care of dog walking during busy schedules. Ask your acquaintances or friends about how their experiences have been with the recommended dog walker. Another option is to ask your vet if they know of any reliable dog walker. A benefit of asking your vet is that they know your dog and they can guide you to a dog walker who is suited to your dog’s behaviour.

Fix a Meet-Up

When you ask yourself who is the best dog walker near me the answer is usually a dog walker who your dog is comfortable around. An initial meeting is therefore mandatory before you zero down on a dog walker. Observe how your dog gets along with the dog walker. If your dog is aggressive towards strangers you will have to give a prior warning so that the dog walker prepares themselves with pacifying techniques. You cannot expect instant chemistry as it will take some time for each of them to warm to one another. Generally, you need to look for a walker who is both calm as well as assertive towards your dog. The body language of the dog walker around your dog can reveal these traits.  

Prepare the Questions

You need to check the profile of the individual before you give your pet in their care. You need not fear an interview. Some basic questions can help you understand the person and get you acquainted with their approach. Both these things are important before you trust your dog with the walker. Some questions that you can ask include: –

  • How long has the person been walking dogs and how many dogs do they walk daily? You can even check with the respective pet parents for their recommendations after you interview the walker.
  • How do you charge and what is your cancellation policy?
  • Is there someone who can cover for you if you are unwell or on a leave?
  • Where will you take my dog for a walk and usually how long are these walks? The duration of the walk must exclude the time needed to commute to the destination.

Verify the Background

Don’t simply look for a “dog walker near me.” While being nearby is a benefit, you need to verify the training background of the dog walker. They shouldn’t simply be someone who loves animals but has experience in handling different kinds of dogs. Just like humans, dogs also have their personalities. Some are shy whereas some are friendly. Some others may be aggressive or might need more exercise because of their playful and active nature. When verifying the background, check whether they are licenced and insured, and ask them about their training approach. They should also know how to provide canine first aid in case of accidents.

Go for a Test Trot

Finally, once you find a dog walker, ask them whether they would be comfortable going on a test walk. Although the walker would be on their best behaviour during this time, you will still be able to understand how they would be around your dog. For instance, if you have a young and active dog and if the walker is unable to match their energy or control your dog when he/she is going astray, the walker might not be the right fit. Observe the behaviour of the dog walker around your pet and see if the latter is happy with your walker.     

When looking for a dog walker, you will have to be patient as you might not find the right fit in the first go itself. Snouters is a trusted pet care service with trained dog walkers who have walked several happy dogs. You can look up a “dog walker near me” on the Snouters’ website to find the perfect host for your loveable pet. We take specialised care to ensure that your pet never has a dull day and feels right at home even when you are not around.