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9 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

Strange Cat Behaviors Explained and Simplified. If you are new to being a cat parent and your kitty’s behavior is sometimes totally alarming, this is the perfect stop! Knowing what the weird cat behavior means is fundamental to a healthy relationship with your loving feline. Being a cat owner is often quoted as easier when compared to other types of domestic animals for quite evident reasons.Although, there are many contemporary owners who find it very difficult to analyze some of their uncommon behaviors. Cats generally have a strong personality and variant ways of expressing themselves. While you may consider visiting your veterinarian if you notice your feline doing something bizarre that you’ve never heard of, this list will definitely cut down on your worry and help you out in the long run. Cats in general, tend to have a quiet and composed nature and are known to be low-maintenance, less attention requiring and mostly self sufficient pets. A change from their normal behavior is usually not without reason. Here are some of the most common mysterious cat behaviors that I have personally come across.


1. Making chattering sounds:

When your kitty sees potential prey like birds or mice from a distance, the frustration and excitement drives them to make sounds like chattering,yowling and ferocious meow-ing. 


2. Bouncing from wall to wall:

Cats and kittens when domesticated within an apartment, often don’t find the right channel to exercise their great amount of energy. This way of expelling energy often leads to disastrous furniture loss and wreckage in your house. They may bounce off walls, jump on furniture, start vigorously scratching the bed and covers and basically go a little overboard.Another explanation for this kind of behavior is exposure to Catnip. Catnip is a common herb of the mint family which is known for its bizarre effect on cats for short periods of time. However, this particular behavior can lead to injuries and thus it’s quite advisable to baby-proof your home at least during the initial stage. To avoid further crazy behavior from your feline, it is important to find a way to channel their energy like playtime with toys or a simple game of chase.


3. Top secret cozy napping spots.

Being an ailurophile, it is super comforting to hug your cat after a long day. But what if you can’t locate them at all? When we leave cats alone at home, they hunt for soft but compact napping places that eventually one needs to figure out.Cats have a history of finding safe sleeping spots to avoid predators and the cold seasons.So if you find your kitty in a shoebox instead of their designated bed, now you know why!


4. Chewing random things.

Cats have a habit of chewing on random things like wool, plastic, cloth or rubber.This can mean a lot of things, like plain boredom, anxiety or in some cases illness too. This habit can cause dangerous impacts like intestinal blockage and digestion issues. If your cat is eating inedible things vigorously, then a visit to the vet is important.


5.Rubbing :     

If your cat rubs his head on you, they might be conveying more than just greetings or affection.Commonly known as bunting cats truly express by rubbing their head on you.They basically convey the ownership as a result of release in pheromones.They take pride in belonging to you like marking their scent on a territory.


6.Feline Kneading:

Cats have a history of pressing their mother’s mammary glands and massaging back and forth to encourage better milk production. If your cat kneads on you then it is basically complimenting you.What it means is that you remind them of their mother.


7.Sassy cat Ignorance:

Cats can be a little self absorbed sometimes and they need a time out from the attention and cuddling every now and then.If your furry cat is a little ignorant,it’s generally nothing to do with you. Give them the space and they will eventually make their way back to your love and attention.


8.Giving gifts to their favourite hooman! :

This is one of the most enjoyable and ecstatic behaviors noticeable in most cats.Unfortunately there is a high possibility that they may end up presenting you with a dead mouse or bird. However unpleasant the gift, it is a sign that your cat wants to honor you. To avoid this behavior one can be neutral towards the gift and not encourage another prey as a gift.


9.Head Bops or I love you:

An adorable head bop from your cat basically translates as immense love and affection in cat language.The pheromones in cats makes them do the famous head bop that should be a clear reward for you as it’s loving owner. While these happen to be some common behavioral traits among most cats, if your cat happens to be awake all night or chooses to poop outside the designated litter box you must make it a priority to consult a veterinarian. Before choosing to leave your lovely kitty with us at Snouters, you must be aware of what your cat’s behaviors mean and that will make it easier for you to convey your cat’s personal requirements to the pet sitter.