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Adopt dog: 10 incredible reasons to rescue a dog

Adopting a dog could save your life. Sponsoring an animal is a way to give a home and a family to an animal in need. With the help of your friends, you will make this world a better place for animals and yourself. 

So, if you think getting a rescue dog would be good, here are some benefits to tell you why you need to adopt a dog.

adopt dog


Save a Dog’s Life

Adopt dog gives the pup you choose another chance at life. Many rescue or shelter dogs are euthanized to open up room for new arrivals. When you adopt a dog, you don’t only save that dog since you open up a spot for another dog that needs a home.

Fight Against Puppy Mills

When you purchase a puppy from a store or online, it wioftenenl come from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are all about profit and well-being, and the health of animals is not their priority.

Dogs in puppy mills will spend most of their time in cramped cages, and females in puppy mills are bred as often as possible, seriously affecting their health and longevity. They usually don’t have cleanup control, leading to dogs living in unsanitary conditions. Adopt dog from your local rescue or shelter is the best way to fight against puppy mills and their unethical breeding practices.

Pay Less and Get a Fully Screened Dog

Adopt dog fees are reasonable, especially when you compare those fees to the total price you pay when you buy a dog from breeders. A purebred dog from a reputable breeder will cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. You only get the dog for that price and still have to pay for shots, microchips, and spraying/neutering. Adoption fees range from $50 to $300, and you get a fully screened dog for that price.

In most cases, rescue dogs have to be fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered before you can adopt them. Most also go to behavioral assessments to determine how they behave around food and other animals. Some animal shelters will even throw in extras, like a free bag of food or even collars and leashes in some cases.

You Can Take Your Pick

Many people choose not to adopt dog because they want a specific breed and don’t think that is something they can find in shelters or rescues. However, that is not true since there are many breed-specific rescues. You only have to look for them online, and you can get the breed you like. You can even look for a dog with specific traits, like spots or a bushy tail, and if you can’t find one now, you can be placed on a waiting list.

You Can Learn About Fido’s Personality

Adopt dog from a rescue shelter allows you to see how the dog you like behaves in a home environment. You can ask their foster all about their personality and how they react in different situations. You can find out whether they get along well with other animals, how they behave around children and other people, and if they have any specific quirks and needs. Since you can know anything you want about the dog, you can find the best dog for your lifestyle.

When you talk with a rescue, you can ask them any question. You can also provide them with a list of qualities that you are looking for. This is especially true for their energy levels since that is one of the most important things you should know about your future dog. Many Adopt dog centers now have matching programs to help you find the perfect canine companion, increasing the number of successful adoptions at some centers.

You Can Have a Tryout

If you want to see how your life would look like if you had a dog, you can try fostering a dog before you are truly ready to adopt. Fostering has many benefits both for you and the dog. The dog will get life in better conditions, while you can get a test drive for owning a dog. In addition, many participants in this program lose weight due to walking their dogs. 

You Can Adopt a Trained Dog

Since most adult dogs in rescue have already been house-trained, they can be a perfect choice for new dog owners. Training your dog and teaching him manners can be a stressful thing. Adopt dog can take some of that stress away.

You Gain Lifetime Support

When you adopt dog, you will get support from rescues, and you can always ask them any questions. Also, they can even take the animal back if something unexpected happens. Some shelters may even provide you with certain dog supplies. Usually, these include the essentials like toys, dog beds, bowls, and leashes, which can save you a little money.

You Can Fight Overpopulation

Shelters and rescues have been facing an overpopulation problem for a few decades. By adopting, you can become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

You Get a Friend for Life

Even though all dogs are great friends, rescue dogs instinctively know that you have saved their life. They will be grateful for the second chance. Ask anyone you know that has been rescued! They’ll tell you that rescue dogs will spend the rest of their lives showing how much they appreciate what you’ve done for them.

Adopting a dog is a great way to share your life with another furry friend. There are many benefits to adopting a dog, including the love and companionship it offers. But more than anything, you and your new best friend will have fun together. So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a dog now! 

In case you decide to purchase a dog instead of adoption, do it from ethical breeders like this Golden Retriever breeding place.

adopt dog

By: Kathleen Beatriz Lapi