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Top 5 Dog Friendly Cities In Europe


Europe makes for a wonderful holiday destination with something to offer everyone who visits, with vast cultural and weather differences depending on where you go. Of course for us dog owners, our considerations expand beyond that. We must choose somewhere that our dogs will love as much as we do.


Naturally, with so many countries to choose from in Europe, they will have different attitudes towards our canine companions, so here’s a list of 5 of the most dog friendly cities to visit in Europe.


  1. Berlin, Germany


Our journey begins in the heart of Europe, in the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany. Renowned for its rich history, artistic spirit, and a sense of freedom, Berlin stands out as a haven for our little travel buddies.


The city’s Tiergarten, a massive 520 acre park, is a stand out and is only comparable to London’s hyde park. Your dog will have plenty of green space to explore here and will give you ample opportunity to meet local dog walkers, a rewarding part of any trip with your dog! You can also walk through here to see major sights, like the Brandenburg gate, so both you and your dog can explore together.


On top of this, Berlin ha a range of dog friendly cafes so you can unwind with a coffee and take in the city sights and people watch with your dog by your side.You can also find plenty of dog friendly events and you’ll appreciate a general feeling of acceptance for dogs wherever you go in the city!


Importantly, dogs are allowed on most forms of public transport here, although you should check the regulations closer to the time. 


  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Next, we visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam, famous for its canals and cafes. Amsterdam is renowned for its laid back culture, which fortunately for us, also extends to dogs. The city has a wide range of parks for you and your dog to explore as well as other trails, so you can both take in the beauty of the city together. 


A particular stand out here is that you can find dog friendly boat tours down the canals, a truly magical experience. Then, once you return to land, you’re sure to find some dog friendly cafes for you to sit and recover with a coffee before heading on your next adventure.


Again, you should have no trouble taking dogs on public transport with you, although you may need to pay for larger dogs.


  1. Barcelona, Spain


If you’re chasing the sun, then Barcelona in Spain may be right for you with a warmer climate than the cities we’ve explored so far. However, please be aware that some dogs will struggle with the heat, so please check the forecasts before you go.


Here you’ll find sun-kissed streets to explore, not to mention the coast. Barcelona boasts some really beautiful beaches if you’re eager for the feeling of sand on your feet. Most dogs really love the sand as well, so it’s a win win as there are plenty of dog friendly beaches to choose from here. Beyond that, there are plenty of other outdoor spaces for your dog to explore whilst you soak up the rays of the Mediterranean sun. 


Whether you’re checking out the architecture of Gaudí or kicking back in a cafe by the sea, you’ll be embraced with open arms by the local community.


Again, you’ll have no problem using public transport with your dog, but please check the rules before doing so.


  1. Vienna, Austria


Our journey continues to Vienna, Austria, where you and your dog will be welcomed by imperial grandeur. Vienna has an abundance of cultural richness to offer you, and many beautiful parks for your dog, including plenty of off leash places for your dog to really blow off some steam. 


The viennese culture fully embraces dogs as a key part of our lives and a valued member of our families. Because of this, you’ll find dog friendly outdoors cafes scattered through the streets and even some of the locals will have their dogs by their sides.


Once you start walking through the historic streets of Vienna, you’ll quickly see the theme of acceptance towards our furry friends. 


Again, your dog will be welcome on public transport, but you may have to pay a small (but reasonable) fee for bigger dogs.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic


Our final destination on this list of European dog friendly cities is no other than Prague in the Czech Republic, a truly magnificent place. Known for its rich history and fantastic architecture, there is so much to take in here, and most of it is within walking distance, so you can always have your dog by your side – why not go for a walk over the iconic Charles Bridge? You can also stop in the square to take in the sights, get some food and watch the street performers.


There are so many beautiful streets to walk down, and all of this is complimented with a range of dog friendly parks. The city has an abundance of dog friendly amenities and events, so you’ll always have plenty to do here. You’ll have fond memories of walking the cobblestone streets forever after a visit to the city of Prague.


As with the other destinations on this list, your dog can join you on public transport here too.


How to enter Europe with your dog:


So now you have a list of places you really want to visit with your dog, but it’s not always simple to visit other countries with our pets. Luckily, the requirements for Europe are quite simple. Here are the requirements for entering the EU with your dog:


  • Your dog must be microchipped
  • Must be vaccinated against rabies
  • Must have had treatment against the tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis, where your destination area is free from this tapeworm (Finland, Ireland, Malta, Norway and Northern Ireland)
  • Must have a valid European pet passport, when traveling from an EU country or Northern Ireland to another EU country or Northern Ireland, or an EU animal health certificate, when traveling from a non-EU country.


Source – https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/carry/animal-plant/index_en.htm


As always, please check regulations before you go. Wishing you and your dog safe travels and an incredible adventure!


Author bio:

This article is written by Maleki.

Maleki is the founder of Snootiful Hound, a UK business specialising in products for sighthounds. Inspired by his own Saluki mix, Blondie, he created a harness to solve the common problem of sighthounds escaping their harnesses. Snootiful Hound also helps support dog rescues in the UK.