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Dog Training Tips to Tackle 4 Common Dog Behavior Problems

Your furbaby is the most faithful, friendly, and loving companion a man could ever get. It will love you unconditionally, giving sloppy kisses and wagging its tail excitedly. But, there are certain habits which this adorable companion possesses that may trouble the pet parent on a bad day or create problems for pet inexperienced guests. So, here are the common behavioral traits or problems that dog parents face and possible dog training tips to overcome them. 

Separation Anxiety

It’s common for dogs to suffer from separation anxiety, especially when the pet parents are away for days together. Sometimes, this anxiety is so extreme that dogs may not want their parents to leave, even just for a few minutes. To deal with their distress, dog parents can use tactics like – 

  • Make the arrivals and departures at home discreet and subtle without creating any noise. Basically, the quieter the better!
  • Try giving them a treat before leaving so that they associate departure with happiness.
  • Try to make them familiar with the clinking of keys throughout the day. So that while leaving, they do not fixate on the keys and are calmer or more relaxed. 

Whining for Attention

Whining is another common habit of dogs to communicate with their parents, especially while seeking attention. Dogs may also whine when they are extremely excited, anxious, or want to pacify their owners. Usually, people give in to the whining and start petting their dogs. And this will only increase their whining as a tactic to get attention. How does one stop this whining or reduce it? Here are some pointers to keep in mind – 

  • Turn your back and ignore the whining. 
  • Fold your arms and look away rather than making direct eye contact with them.
  • Leave the room to reduce the whining.

Once the whining reduces, parents can pet or play with their dogs to appreciate their nature. 

Excessive barking

Dogs sometimes tend to bark excessively due to many reasons such as attention-seeking, urge to play or go outside, separation anxiety, etc. This excessive barking on occasion is justified. However, when it becomes a frequent affair, it might become problematic. Hence, to overcome this unnatural barking behavior, here are the golden tips – 

  • Yelling back will just encourage dogs to bark louder. Instead, close the curtains and keep them in a separate room.
  • If dogs are wanting attention, ignore their barking until they stop and then pet them as a reward.
  • Try to keep the dogs busy with toys, exercise or puzzles so they remain happier, calmer, and quieter.

Aggressive Behaviour

Most dog parents have only one pet and hence, don’t witness aggressive behavior. However, it’s a whole different ball game with two or more pet dogs, especially when they don’t seem to get along. This hostility often leads to aggressive behavior which is difficult to deal with. To reduce this aggressiveness, here are some simple tips and tricks – 

  • Never keep the dogs alone together. Supervision is the key!
  • A common reason behind dogs fighting is FOOD. Hence, make sure to feed them separately to avoid any fights.
  • Pay close attention to body language and look for any signs of a possible fight fest between the pets. Usually, stiff bodies and intense eyes are strong indications of an ensuing fight. 

Loving a pet is a much more complex endeavour than feeding them the right food and being affectionate. Just like parenting, caring for fur babies comes paying attention to their smaller quirks, creating boundaries and providing a safe home. All this to provide a healthy and happier lifestyle for them!

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