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Host onboarding process

Congrats on going live with us! Do read through the process to start taking bookings.

The booking process

  1. You will get a notification by email and whatsapp whenever you get a booking
  2. To accept a booking Raise an invoice by logging into your account –  Watch this video to understand how to do this. When you raise an invoice, the customer will get a payment link automatically.
  3. The customer will also get a toll free number where they can speak to you before making the payment. This is completely optional.
  4. All stays are considered confirmed only after full payment
  5. We charge a 50% commission on the first booking to cover for the onboarding charges post which a standard commission of 30% applies
  6. You will get the payments within 15 days from date of checkout.
  7. In case some host is not available in your area you get a chance to get the booking. The details of such bookings will be shared via whatsapp with you.

Some key do’s and don’ts on the platform

  1. Do not share your personal number on messages with the customer. This is for your own privacy protection. The customer can always call you from the toll free number.
  2. Do not accept visits without payments.This will ensure only serious customers end up visiting or booking trials.
  3. Do not accept the booking outside the platform. Doing this puts you at a very high risk and Snouters will not be responsible for any unwanted situation created by this.
  4. In case you are not available on certain days – do block your calendar out so that you do not get any requests. Learn how to block calendars here.

Please go through the host guidebook in detail to become a better host

In case you have any other issues feel free to reach out to us on support@snouters.com for a speedy response.