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How to Find the Best Dog Care Centre near you in India

Imagine yourself sitting in a meeting and wondering about your dog, absolutely alone at home. It feels terrible, right? Now imagine you are chilling in a hammock in Goa when you receive a video of your dog playing and enjoying with other dogs. What more would one want from a vacation!

A dog care centre or dog boarding facility is akin to a crèche for kids, where people drop off their dogs while they are away. Managing office and pets is a tough job. There are more than enough reasons for pet parents to invest time in finding the best dog day care centre. For example if you are based out of Gurgaon, you should definitely find out about all the best dog day care centre in Gurgaon.

Cure for Loneliness & Safety Issues

The biggest issue that every pet parent faces today is leaving their dogs all alone at home. You can book a pet-friendly hotel or Airbnb on vacations, but let’s face it, you often don’t get them within your budget. And what about the days when all of you have to be out for work? Your dog won’t have anyone to look after them.

Being left alone for long hours also leads to several behavioural changes in dogs, such as destroying things, showing no interest in their favourite activities, depression, lethargy, and the like. Dogs love to socialize, and being left alone for long hours can have a lasting impact on them.

This is exactly what a dog day care centre will take care of. Leaving them in a place with fellow pets and people who love to take care of them, just like you, is the least you can do when you’re going away. Your dog’s anxiety and loneliness will be taken care of when they get to socialize with their kind in the dog day care. It’s essential to look for a dog day care facility that has a team of trained professionals. This is the only way to ensure that your dog gets enough sunlight, playtime as well as downtime.

Another major concern that every dog parent has is that of the pet’s safety. You could remove every hazardous object from your home, but leaving your dog alone at home may still not be a very safe option. So, once you drop your pet off at a dog day care, you can easily tick this one off your list. Most dog day care facilities also provide your pet’s videos and photos on request.

To-Dos Before Choosing a Dog Care Centre

When trying to pick a favourable dog care center for your pet, you must check that the services provided are up to the mark and proper safety protocols are in place.

Here are some things for you to check out before making the decision:

  • The dog day care centre should have enough space for the dogs to run around and play in. Physical exercise is what will keep your pooch happy and healthy.
  • Check if the team has a qualified veterinarian on call. Also, their clinic must be close by for emergency purposes.
  • Speak to the team members at length about the schedule followed in the dog day care centre – walk and meal timings, playtime, etc. Conversing with the staff will give you a more in-depth insight into their training and qualification.
  • Browse through the kennels to see whether the cleanliness and sanitation standards suit your needs. The team should allow you to take a walk through their premises.
  • Inquire about the vaccinations that your dog is required to have before you can drop them off. This will give you an idea about how particular the staff is and the kind of dogs your pet will be playing with.

Finally, before dropping off your dog at their dog day care facility, ensure the following so that they are comfortable in a brand-new place.

  • Ensure that they are potty-trained and have good control over their bladder. This will make it easier for the professionals at the facility to care for them along with other dogs.
  • Ensure they are fully vaccinated.
  • Many dogs have their favourite toys, pillows, or other similar things. Make sure that you carry this object to the dog day care. This will make it easier for your dog to feel calm in a strange setting.
  • Once you have zeroed down on a dog day care, take your pet there, so they can sniff around and play there for some time. This way, they will be aware of the place and the team when you drop them off.
  • It is advised that you crate train your dog before dropping them off at the day care facility. Then the crate will be their safe space, and it’ll be easier for them to adjust to the new place without you.

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