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How to Choose a Good Dog Sitter? Your One-Stop Guide

As a pet parent, you know you are in for quite the hunt before you plan a vacation without your dog – scouring the lands for the perfect dog sitter. Usually, this search concludes with unwillingly relenting your dog’s care to a friend who may later become your foe. Aside from occasional trips, everyday routine and long work hours may compel you to leave your dog alone. In addition to the more practical concerns such as pee breaks that your dog will need while you are away, there is one other concern that cannot be neglected. Dogs are social animals and they cannot be left alone or in the crate for too long. Cutting to the chase, you will need a reliable dog sitter who would look after your furry companion in your absence. While pet patents sooner or later acknowledge the need for an experienced dog sitter, the next concern (which is not so easily resolved) is finding a suitable fit.

Where to Look?

Unless you have friends or acquaintances who have a dog, it can become challenging to find a trusted and professional dog sitter. Trust is an important component because not only will you be leaving your lovable dog under the care of this sitter but also be entrusting them with your home. Here is where reliable platforms such as Snouters come in. Snouters is committed to safety and is curated for modern convenience to help pet parents find the perfect partner for their pooch. Every professional dog sitter on Snouters is hand-picked to ensure the best care for your dog. This way you can be assured that your Fido is in good hands and enjoy your vacation in a worry-free manner.     

How to Find the Perfect Dog Sitter?

It might initially seem overwhelming to find a dog sitter especially because you may be used to taking care of your pooch yourself. However, you will soon learn of the convenience a good dog sitter affords and what’s more, your dog will be merry even when you are not around. This enticing proposition has convinced many pet parents to seek a dog sitter. To help you successfully find one, we have curated a step-by-step guide: –

Step 1: Analyse Your Needs

Every family is different and so are their needs. So, before hiring a dog sitter, it is important to be aware of your requirements. For example, your dog may have a medical condition that will require special vet care and attention. In such a scenario, you will have to look for a dog sitter who is equipped to dedicate this additional care. Contrarily, you may have a job that needs you to work night shifts and you will have to communicate that to your dog sitter so they can make themselves available at late hours. Therefore, to find the right dog sitter, you must be aware of your routine requirements. 

Step 2: Do a Local Search  

You will have to start with looking for quality pet sitters in your area because it is extremely convenient for you as well as for your sitter. A dog sitter in your area will be able to accommodate unpredicted changes in your routine which might be a little challenging for a dog sitter who is a good distance from your house. To find pet sitters in your locality, you can check with your neighbours and acquaintances who have a pet. Contrarily, if you wish to save time and find a reliable dog sitter, you can search on Snouters. The platform will help you find a trusted dog sitter in your area.

Step 3: Check Your Dog Sitter’s Qualifications

Before hiring a dog sitter, you need to check what their qualifications are and whether they will be able to look after your dog in your absence. Interview a potential dog sitter and enquire about their experience in looking after dogs. Here are some questions you can ask: – 

  • For how long have you worked as a dog sitter?
  • Will you be able to accommodate the special needs of my dog?
  • Are you a member of a professional organisation?
  • What certifications do you have?

In addition to the aforementioned questions, you will also have to clarify your expectations with the dog sitter. For instance, you may need them to look after other things in your house while you are away in addition to taking care of your dog such as watering the plants, cleaning up, taking out the trash, etc. Whatever your expectations may be, you must convey them beforehand. Don’t expect your dog sitter to take on additional work on their own.  

Finding a suitable dog sitter near you is not as complicated as you think, especially with platforms such as Snouters that take up your headache to look for the perfect dog sitter on your behalf. Once you find the right sitter, share important information such as the vet’s number, medicine, food requirements, etc. so that they can seamlessly take on your work without disrupting the routine of your dog.