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Book the Best Dog Boarding nearby before your vacation

As a loving pet owner do you often fret about the question- where to leave my dog while on vacation? Find a safe home stay for your pet on snouters.com . It would be best if you could take your furry child along while you travel. Many hotels, flights, and offices are now pet-friendly spaces where you can take them with you. However, this is not always the case and you need to find an alternate option for your dog to have a stress-free stay in your absence. Book the best dog boarding in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad on snouters.com.

Finding the best option

There are numerous options available to take care of your pet while you are away. You can always ask your friends or family with whom your fur kid had loved playing when they visited, to take care of them. But you do not want to be imposing on them every time while you are away. 

Hiring a dog sitter or dropping by at a dog boarding nearby is now the most popular option for pets. If your dog has social anxiety or aggressiveness with strangers, you need to check out what works the best for them.

So it is critical to figure out their stay before you get your backpack ready for the trip.

Ask your friends and Vet

It is always best to know from the experiences of other pet owners who have availed a dog boarding option in the past. You can learn from them about the services they received and the staff in the centre. Also, ask if they will choose the dog boarding place again if needed.

Your Vet will also know a few facilities so that they can recommend which one might suit best for your dog.

Check the facility and Services

Before booking the space, make sure that you visit the dog boarding place in person and preferably with your dog.

This will get the dog accustomed to the space and you can check the cleanliness and facilities available as well as the sanitization procedures. Cost of stay is an important factor to enquire during this visit. 

Keep a note of these points during the visit

Vet On Call
Find out if a veterinarian can be reached swiftly in the event of an emergency. You can also offer the contact information of your regular vet if you prefer.

Staff availability
Make sure there are enough staffs in the centre who can always keep an eye on the pets. Ask them about the training provided to the staff. A trained staff will know better to take care and understand the needs of the pet when it’s away from the owner. 

Vaccination Details
It is important to get the routine vaccination cleared before you book any dog boarding facility. A vaccination mandatory dog boarding centre will also ensure that your dog is surrounded by other healthy vaccinated pets.

Food, toys, and bedding
Who knows your dog’s preferences in terms of food, time, and comfort better than you? Check whether you may bring their toys, bed, and food along. This will help to reduce anxiety due to the change of environment. Highly recommend to get your dog used to sleeping on a dog bed which could be used during boarding days.

Special services
Pet Boarding centres might often offer other services, such as grooming, training, etc. Though it might incur extra charges, this could be the best time to choose any of those training or grooming you were procrastinating all this time.

Interaction and Walks
You do not want your dog to be shut in a crate the whole time you are away. Inquire about taking the dog for walks or allowing them to safely play and interact with other dogs.

Prepare your dog for the vacation

You may want to bring a vaccination record to the dog boarding centre once you’ve made sure your pet is properly vaccinated before you leave for the stay.

During the trial run, you initially went, keep an eye on how your dog gets along with the place and how they respond to the staff and other dogs around.

Feel free to discuss any concerns with the staff and make sure your dog’s needs are met.

Hand them any medication, specific food or toys your dog would want to have with them and make sure to provide immediate contact details at the centre for any contact if needed.

At Snouters we make sure you have a relaxing holiday knowing that your dog is in safe hands enjoying its vacation. With spacious rooms, wider outdoor, dog activities, and medical attention, we ensure your pet’s well being even in your absence making it their home away from home.

Log onto Snouters and find the hosts offering best dog boarding in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai.