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How to Relocate Pets in Singapore? The Role of Pet Movers Explained

Do you plan to move your pet to Singapore? Singapore’s laws for pet moving are strict, demanding thorough adherence to the policies. Meeting them without proper knowledge can be challenging for any ordinary traveller. The entire process can also seem intimidating, especially as you already have many other relocation-related duties. So, don’t think of doing it yourself. If anything goes awry with travel arrangements, you will be stuck: either you will leave your beloved pet behind or postpone your trip. 


None of these situations are favourable for anyone. Since the stakes are high, seeking a pet moving company’s help from the beginning can be rewarding. They will guide you through and through to make this entire journey hassle-free.


How do pet movers help?

Suppose you tie up with a reputed agency like Shiloh Animal Pet Relocation. You can depend on the team to provide end-to-end information regarding pet import requirements in the country. They will update you about any regulations around microchips and vaccines. You may already know that some countries make quarantine for animals from other countries a must. So they can tell you how many days your dog or cat will be in quarantine. Since the quarantine space fills up faster, only proper planning can enable you to book a spot on your desired date. 


Otherwise, it will require adjusting the arrival dates. You can overcome these challenges smoothly with a professional team’s guidance and support. If you come from Australia, the UK, or New Zealand, this step can be skipped if your pet has been proven clinically healthy.

Nevertheless, you can ask the animal relocation agency for clarity. Sometimes, doubts creep in without prior notice, making you nervous about the whole thing. But confirmation from a knowledgeable professional can eliminate all this unnecessary drama from your life. 


Furthermore, they can assist you with customs, paperwork, and shipping so you can avoid any hiccups throughout this relocation experience. The local pet moving agencies often affiliate with the best pet-friendly airlines. Based on your needs, they can go ahead with flight booking, get permits, and help you with crate selection. If you worry about your pet’s anxiety and stress issues due to travelling, they cover these areas as well.


A point to note

As mentioned, pet relocation service providers give you complete information to help you live with your pet in Singapore as you imagined. Still, it’s better to know beforehand that some cat and dog breeds may not be welcomed in the country for their aggressive nature and other reasons. 


For example, you cannot enter with Pit Bulls, Boerboel, Fila Brasileiro, Akita, Tosa, Fila Brasileiro, and more, even though they can be found in the country. However, all those go through obedience training and are kept on a leash with a muzzle on their mouth in public spaces. Likewise, some cat breeds are also not allowed. Your pet travel agent will take all the details, but you should also inform them about your pet’s breed to avoid any last-minute disappointment.


Many things go wrong with pet relocation without proper support. A single documentation mistake or anything can hamper their movement. With a well-versed pet mover, you can safely avoid all the troubles and find your furry friend at your destination.