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How to set competitive prices for your Snouters listing ?

This is a complicated question considering the successful prices for a listing can depend on a multitude of factors – location, seasonality, competition around a listing, customer preferences around the location, host experience, quality of the listing, number and quality of listing reviews, and many more.

To be successful we urge you to deliver an excellent customer experience at a great price. A good start point for the prices is to have a look at the prices of commercial pet boarding places around your locality. A simple Google search should give you this information. Always take into account the seasonality of demand as well in setting prices, for example generally demand pet boarding goes up during the holiday season. 

During the first 2 months on Snouters, we encourage the hosts to experiment with the prices to find the right range that can help them achieve their business goals.


How to change your price

1. Login to your snouters account on https://snouters.com. Go to my listings by clicking on your profile


2. Click on edit listing and go to the price section


3. Click on the price section. Change the price to the new price you want to set

4. Enter the new price in the pet boarding charges per night.

5. Add extra pet price.

6. Make sure pay by number of pets is selected. And click save.