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How to travel with your Dog or Pet in Train in India

How to Travel with your Dog or Pet in Train in India

Your Guide to a safe and happy travel experience with your pet in train. In case you have less time to plan or it’s a sudden trip plan you can always book a comfortable pet homestay  at Snouters for your pet’s staycation.

It is not news that travelling with your pet in train can be a hassle and it is quite tough to control them on a moving train. However, being a pet parent myself I can guarantee that travelling by train is the most efficient and comfortable way to take your baby to some place. There are multiple ways to ensure that the train journey with your pet is smooth and comfortable. Most pet parents remain unaware of the facilities available for pets by the Indian Railway. We get a queries everyday from concerned pet parents on – “how to travel with pet in train ?” or “are dogs allowed in train in India?”. We decided to put this resource together for all such pet parents. Everything you need to know regarding rules for your train travel with dog or cat is here.

pet in train travel in India


Train travel is also definitely a financially suitable choice for travelling with your pet. Additionally it is great for big dogs, restless ones, and also not fit to fly ones. The best part of opting for a train journey with your pet is that you get to travel with your buddy right beside you. While this may not seem like a big priority, trust me it is. Your pet will definitely be less anxious in your presence. Having travelled quite a number of times with my own pet in train, here is a list of things to keep in mind before planning a train journey with your pet. All you need to do are the following:


1. Book a cabin or coupe on AC First Class or First Class (Non AC)

Make sure you make the booking well before the journey date. One Pet parent can carry a maximum of two pets at a time. Coupe will not be allotted until 4 hours before the journey commences. Make a visit to the reservation office a day before the journey and request an allotment for two passengers as you are travelling with your pet. You want to initially book a first AC ticket, for the people on IRCTC. On the off chance that you’re travelling solo or with a couple of individuals – demand “coupe” for 3 or 4 people, and you’ll be fine with the consequently allotted Cabin. Attempt and book from where the train is beginning. Where the chart is arranged essentially.


2. Write to the commercial officer and inform him that you are travelling with your pet

Sometimes railway officials may even demand an application to the booking office to book your coupe with the condition of travelling with your furry friend. This should be finished at the station where the train begins from, where the chart will be ready. Drop it off at the TC’s office of the station where the train will begin its journey from, alongside a copy of your ticket.


3. Get a wellness proof certificate from your trusted veterinarian

It is very important that your baby is physically fit to travel. It is better to get them checked by a vet at your home at least 2 to 3 days before the journey. If your vet provides an anti anxiety medication feel free to keep it with you in case your buddy gets hyperactive due to all the different stimuli present on a moving train.


4. Reach the station well prior to the starting time

Visit the parcel/cargo dispatch department and get your pet weighed and pay for the extra luggage charges as required.


5. Make sure your pet gets a tag with dispatch details

If you do not get a tag you may be booked for travelling with an unauthorised pet!


6. A crowded platform is very stimulating for your pet, make sure they are comfortable

Take your pet for a walk before boarding the train so that they are tired and choose to rest during the journey.


7. Ensure they have passed stool and peed before boarding

It is essential that your baby doesn’t feel any kind of stomach ache or vomit so you must let them take their time and poop.


8. Do not overfeed

A train journey can be taxing in terms of digestion. A light meal should suffice. If possible do carry some snacks and treats to keep them full and distracted during the travel.


9. Get Co-Passenger Assent

Despite the fact that you might have an affirmed ticket and important approvals to train travel with dog in the First Class AC compartment, assuming that you are sharing the coupe with outsiders, you will require the assent of individual travellers. Consequently ensure your pet in train is on a leash and well behaved to not draw in any issues with the strangers. Assuming such a sad occasion occurs, your pet will be moved to the Guard’s van and no discount will be given.


10. Carry all essentials like a food bowl, bedspread and toys

Make sure your fur baby is taken for a pee break when there is a stop for a longer time. Ensure that they are not unattended. An animal’s body is prone to dehydration during long journeys especially during summers. Keep a water bowl ready at all times.

In case of further queries regarding your travel here are toll free numbers you can approach:.

  • 139 (PNR/Cancellation/Fare Inquiry, Seat accessibility, Current train running position)
  • 138 ( Grievance Number )
  • 1800 11 1139 (General Inquiry)

As a fellow pet parent I truly hope this helps in case you have to travel with your pet in train. If for some reason the planning doesn’t work out, book  a trusted pet caretaker on Snouters. We provide quality pet sitters who are genuine pet lovers so that your furry friend has just as much fun on their staycation as you!

About US: SNOUTERS is India’s largest pet care services startup. Snouters connects pet parents with loving pet care providers who offer overnight services, including boarding and in-home pet sitting, as well as daytime services, including doggy daycare, dog walking, drop-in visits, and pet grooming.

*Please note the rules for pet train travel might change from time to time. Always check with IRTC officials for the latest rules.

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