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10 Best Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Hyderabad

A city that embraces the bond between humans and their furry companions, the popularity of pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad is on the rise. Hyderabadians, known for their love for both culinary delights and their four-legged friends, can now revel in the joy of dining with their pets in establishments that go beyond just serving delectable cuisines. These pet-friendly havens not only cater to the discerning taste buds of the patrons but also provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for pet parents and their beloved pets. In this comprehensive article, we embark on a delightful journey, exploring ten real and remarkable pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad. Get ready to discover the perfect blend of gastronomic pleasures and pet-friendly charm that these establishments offer to the pet-loving community in the city.


Cafe Eclat – Begumpet

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Cafe Eclat in Begumpet is a delightful addition to Hyderabad’s pet-friendly scene. The cozy interiors and pet-friendly seating make it an ideal spot for casual outings with your furry companions. Explore a menu filled with continental and fusion delights while creating memorable moments with your pets at Cafe Eclat.

  • Vibe: Step into the charming and cozy ambiance of Cafe Eclat in Begumpet. The warm and inviting atmosphere creates a perfect setting for a relaxed dining experience with your pets.
  • Cuisine: Indulge in a diverse menu featuring continental and fusion dishes, carefully crafted to satisfy every palate.
  • Perfect for: Enjoy casual outings and pet-friendly gatherings in a welcoming environment.


The Fisherman’s Wharf – Gachibowli

Transport yourself to the shores of Goa at The Fisherman’s Wharf in Gachibowli. The pet-friendly patio, adorned with a laid-back ambiance, offers a scenic view, creating the perfect backdrop for indulging in delicious seafood dishes with your furry companion.

  • Vibe: Escape to a coastal paradise with The Fisherman’s Wharf. The laid-back feel complements the coastal charm, creating a perfect retreat.
  • Cuisine: Delight your taste buds with Goan and seafood delicacies, capturing the essence of coastal flavors.
  • Perfect for: Enjoy relaxed evenings and treat your pet to the delights of seafood in a pet-friendly setting.


Heart Cup Coffee – Kondapur

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Heart Cup Coffee in Kondapur goes beyond being just a coffee joint; it’s a pet-friendly haven with graffiti-covered walls and a spacious outdoor area. This quirky spot is ideal for pet parents to relax with a cup of coffee while their pets explore and socialize.

  • Vibe: Embrace the quirky and artistic vibe at Heart Cup Coffee. The café’s walls adorned with graffiti set the tone for a vibrant experience.
  • Cuisine: Dive into café fare and continental delights, with a menu designed to satisfy diverse tastes.
  • Perfect for: Let your pets enjoy pet playdates and casual hangouts while you unwind with a cup of coffee.


Water Front Restaurant – Necklace Road

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Water Front Restaurant, nestled along Necklace Road, offers an enchanting view of the Hussain Sagar Lake. The pet-friendly seating area by the water makes it a go-to place for couples and pet parents, providing a tranquil setting for a delightful meal.

  • Vibe: Immerse yourself in the serene lakeside ambiance at Water Front Restaurant. The tranquil setting provides a soothing escape.
  • Cuisine: Indulge in a multi-cuisine menu that caters to diverse culinary preferences.
  • Perfect for: Enjoy romantic evenings and leisurely strolls with your pets in this picturesque location.


Prost Brew Pub – Jubilee Hills

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Prost Brew Pub in Jubilee Hills isn’t just a haven for beer lovers; it’s also a welcoming space for pet parents. The outdoor seating area creates a lively atmosphere for socializing, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing pint with your furry companion.

  • Vibe: Immerse yourself in a lively pub atmosphere at Prost Brew Pub. The energetic ambiance sets the stage for a vibrant socializing experience.
  • Cuisine: Indulge in German-inspired brews and pub grub, perfect for beer enthusiasts and casual dining.
  • Perfect for: Socialize with fellow pet parents and enjoy a refreshing pint with your furry friend by your side.


Tatva – Marredpally

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Tatva in Marredpally offers a refined dining experience for pet parents who appreciate vegetarian delights. The pet-friendly section ensures that your furry companions can join you for a delightful meal in an elegant and sophisticated setting.

  • Vibe: Step into an elegant and sophisticated ambiance at Tatva. The refined setting provides an ideal backdrop for formal dinners and celebrations.
  • Cuisine: Delight in vegetarian and North Indian specialties, curated for a discerning palate.
  • Perfect for: Experience fine dining and celebrate special occasions with your pets in a classy setting.


Bottega Café – Gachibowli

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Bottega Café in Gachibowli is a pet-friendly gem with contemporary décor and outdoor seating. This chic spot is ideal for professionals and pet parents alike to savor exquisite cuisines with their furry companions.

  • Vibe: Immerse yourself in the chic and modern ambiance of Bottega Café. The contemporary décor sets the stage for a trendy dining experience.
  • Cuisine: Explore Italian and Mediterranean fusion dishes, curated to please diverse tastes.
  • Perfect for: Combine business meetings with casual lunches and enjoy the pet-friendly atmosphere.


Olive Bistro – Jubilee Hills

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Olive Bistro, nestled in Jubilee Hills, offers a romantic ambiance with a lush garden setting and pet-friendly seating. It’s an ideal destination for intimate gatherings, allowing you to create lasting memories with your furry companion.

  • Vibe: Experience the Mediterranean charm with a garden setting at Olive Bistro. The lush surroundings create a romantic and magical atmosphere.
  • Cuisine: Indulge in Mediterranean and European delicacies, perfect for romantic dates and special occasions.
  • Perfect for: Create lasting memories with your pets in an intimate garden setting.


Palm Exotica Boutique Resort & Spa – Gandipet

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

Palm Exotica Boutique Resort & Spa in Gandipet offers a pet-friendly resort experience surrounded by lush greenery. Indulge in a variety of cuisines and luxurious accommodations for a memorable stay with your furry friend.

  • Vibe: Immerse yourself in a luxurious resort ambiance at Palm Exotica. The opulent setting provides a perfect retreat for weekend getaways.
  • Cuisine: Explore a diverse menu featuring international and Indian cuisines, designed for a luxurious dining experience.
  • Perfect for: Enjoy weekend getaways and celebrate special occasions with your pets in luxurious surroundings.


The Moonshine Project – Film Nagar

pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad

The Moonshine Project in Film Nagar is a trendy spot for pet parents who love diverse cuisines. The vibrant atmosphere and outdoor seating make it an ideal place to enjoy a fusion of flavors while your furry companion enjoys the company of other pets.

  • Vibe: Immerse yourself in the trendy and vibrant atmosphere of The Moonshine Project. The modern setting provides a dynamic backdrop for casual outings.
  • Cuisine: Explore a fusion of global delights, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.
  • Perfect for: Socialize with fellow pet parents and enjoy a fusion of flavors in a pet-friendly environment.


In conclusion, Hyderabad stands as a haven for pet parents seeking both culinary excellence and a welcoming atmosphere for their beloved pets. These pet-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad go beyond mere dining establishments; they represent a fusion of gastronomic delight and heartfelt hospitality toward pets. Whether you fancy the relaxed ambiance of a casual café, the serenity of a lakeside retreat, or the chic vibes of a bistro, these establishments cater to a spectrum of tastes while unwaveringly ensuring that your furry friends are integral to the dining experience. These culinary havens not only tantalize the taste buds but also celebrate the unique bond between pet parents and their companions. As you explore the diverse flavors and settings these restaurants offer, you’re bound to create lasting memories, turning each dining experience into a shared moment of joy and connection in the vibrant city of Hyderabad. Discover, indulge, and cherish the warmth of pet-friendly hospitality that defines Hyderabad’s culinary scene.