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Heat Cycle For Your Dog: Your Pet Guide for That Time of the Month

It’s all fun and games until they’re “in heat.” Several dog owners either dread that time of the month or are unpleasantly surprised one fine day with a bloody accident. Not to reiterate your fears but the canine heat cycle does have in store some bouts of messy, lengthy, and uncomfortable days both for you and for your dog. These phases will continue until you get your pet spayed and if you want to avoid the trouble you can consult a vet about neutering.

The heat cycle for your dog is a blend of mental and physical changes characterised by being highly fertile. During this time, you will have to spare additional love, care, and time to look after the furry member of your home. If your job is demanding, you can even look for a reliable dog hostel to ensure your dog is not neglected when they feel low.

Aside from considering a dog hostel, here are some tips to get you and your dog through their heat cycle: –

Prepare for the Clean-Up

Unfortunately, there may be no prior indicators of your dog going in heat apart from the blood that you may notice on either your carpet or the bedsheets. If you are going to send your puppy to a dog hostel, you will have to inform them about your dog in heat so they can take the necessary precautions and provide the much-needed attention and care while you are away. Contrarily, if you prefer looking after them yourself, consider the following: –

  • Doggie Diaper: Invest in a doggie diaper especially for convenience as you will not have to constantly worry about cleaning up when your dog trots about. However, you will have to consider that they might slide off without suspenders or a bodysuit keeping it in place. On websites like Amazon or even your local pet store, you can find both reusable and disposable diaper variants. 
  • Cuddle Blankie: Your dog might walk about seeking comfort in different places and to minimise your clean up you can lay a warm blankie before your dog lays down. This way you can restrict your washing to a single blankie.  
  • Wet Wipes: No matter how much care you take, there will be accidents. On such occasions, wet wipes are the best solution for a quick swipe on hard surfaces if your dog stains them. 

How to Comfort Your Dog while in Heat

As mentioned earlier, this phase will require both physical as well as emotional care and affection. You need to be sensitive towards their discomfort and shower them with love.

  • During this time puppies will require some extra physical affection so make sure you pet them time and again. If you have a tight work schedule, consider resting your dog’s head on your lap while you work.
  • Keep your dog’s favourite toy near them so they can snuggle with it and feel secure. If you are going to drop them off at a dog hostel, make sure you pack their toy and blankie before sending them away.   
  • Try to keep your cool if your dog makes a mess as scolding them might put them off as they are more sensitive during this time
  • Ensure that your puppy is adequately hydrated. Also, keep an eye on their appetite as most dogs eat less than they usually do during this time of the month. 
  • You will also have to increase the number of times you take them for a walk as they may have to relieve themselves more than once. As there is a lot going on down there, additional potty breaks are common.

Preventing Pregnancy

This may come as no surprise but dogs are highly fertile during this phase and are more susceptible to bouts of aggression. To prevent any accidents, you can do the following: –

  • Your bitch (no, we are not trying to be rude) will give off scents that will attract male dogs and from a distance. So, when you take her for walks or to a park, you will have to work at keeping the male dogs away if you don’t want any new puppies to look after. Extra precaution will have to be taken if you will be sending your canine to a dog hostel.
  • The heat cycle does not conclude simply when the blood stops. The phase that follows involves a period of higher fertility and the production of unnoticeable discharge.  
  • Keep an eye out for changes in their health and if things seem off, don’t wait before taking your dog to the vet.

To conclude, caring for a dog in heat requires additional time commitment, and more important than that is showering them with the much-needed love and affection. Spaying your dog can avoid a lot of these concerns however if that option does not suit you, you can consider leaving your dog at dog care or a dog hostel.

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