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Top 10 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, a city known for its bustling lifestyle and diverse culinary scene, is also a haven for pet lovers. With an increasing number of pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a meal out with your furry friend. From offering special pet menus to creating dedicated play areas, these eateries understand that your pet is more than just an animal – they’re a part of your family. In this article, we explore 10 such establishments that not only welcome pets but also ensure an enjoyable experience for both you and your companion.


Top 10 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Gurgaon:


1. Fur Ball Story


Location: Golf Course Road, Sector 54

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

Fur Ball Story is a casual dining café situated in the bustling Golf Course Road area of Gurgaon. This café stands out for its welcoming ambiance that caters not only to human guests but also to their furry companions. Offering a diverse menu that includes fast food and continental fare, Fur Ball Story ensures a delightful dining experience for all. The prices are reasonable, and the friendly, polite staff adds to the overall pleasant atmosphere.


Vibe: Casual and friendly, a favorite among pet owners.

Cuisine: Offers a wide selection of fast food and continental fare.

Perfect For: Pet owners looking for a relaxed dining experience with their furry friends.


2. Sibang Bakery

Location: Sector 49

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

Sibang Bakery in Sector 49, Gurgaon, is one of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon for pet owners who appreciate the finer things in life. This cozy and inviting bakery offers more than just your average treats. It’s a place where both pet parents and their furry friends can enjoy a range of delightful baked goods. It’s a place where the love for pets and passion for baking come together, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for all. 


Vibe: Cozy and charming with a welcoming atmosphere for pets.

Cuisine: Freshly baked goods for humans and all-natural treats for pets.

Perfect For: Those seeking a quiet spot for a sweet treat with their pet.


3. Café Canine

Location: Sector 57


Café Canine is a pet-friendly restaurant in Gurgaon that is specifically made for dog lovers and their canine companions. They have a special menu for dogs that offers wholesome and mouth watering dishes. This establishment guarantees a particular experience for you and your pet, from pet-friendly pastries to carefully prepared meals.


Vibe: Dedicated to dog lovers, offering a comfortable and welcoming space.

Cuisine: Special menu for dogs with wholesome and tasty dishes.

Perfect For: An exclusive dining experience with your canine companion.


4. Throttle Shrottle

Location: Golf Course Road

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

This pet-friendly biker’s café allows your four-legged friend to roam freely in the lovely outside dining area. Along with mouthwatering appetizers and cool drinks for humans, this pet-friendly restaurant in Gurgaon offers a friendly atmosphere for pets. 


Vibe: Lively and open, a biker’s café with an outdoor area for pets.

Cuisine: Offers appetizers and cool drinks along with pet-friendly space.

Perfect For: Bikers who want to enjoy a day out with their pets.


5. Roots – Café in the Park

Location: Sector 29

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

This pet-friendly café is the one for you if you enjoy a laid-back setting in the midst of lush nature. It’s ideal for pet owners seeking peace and quiet. Being one of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon, they provide a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives, catering to every member of the family, including your pet.


Vibe: Peaceful and serene, surrounded by nature.

Cuisine: Vegetarian and vegan options in a laid-back setting.

Perfect For: Those looking for a tranquil dining experience with their pet.


6. Café Soul Garden

Location: Sector 14

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

Café Soul Garden in sector 14 offers a lively atmosphere and delectable food, ranging from continental to Indian cuisine. They are one of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon and that’s why they also have a special place where your dog can play. They make it the perfect destination for a family outing with your pet.


Vibe: Vibrant and lively with a special play area for dogs.

Cuisine: Diverse, ranging from continental to Indian.

Perfect For: A family outing with your pet in a fun environment.


7. Di Ghent Café

Location: DLF Phase 4

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

Di Ghent Café is one of the top pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon. They are pretty well-known for their European-inspired menu. Pets are allowed in the outdoor dining area, where you can enjoy scrumptious Belgian waffles and other delicacies. They also offer a special treat for dogs – the puppuccino.


Vibe: European-inspired, with a pet-friendly outdoor area.

Cuisine: Known for Belgian waffles and other European delicacies.

Perfect For: Enjoying European cuisine in an elegant setting with your pet.


8. Another Fine Day

Location: DLF Phase 4

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

This charming, pet-welcoming café with a rustic charm is ideal for enjoying delectable breakfast selections and scented coffees. Your pet can enjoy the sunshine from this pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon with their outdoor chairs, and the café provides water basins and a selection of pet treats.


Vibe: Rustic charm, with outdoor seating for pets.

Cuisine: Great breakfast selections and coffees.

Perfect For: A leisurely breakfast or brunch in the company of your pet.


9. The Mad Teapot

Location: DLF Phase 1

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

The Mad Teapot, one of the top pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon, is known for its eccentric furnishings and inviting atmosphere. This pet-friendly establishment serves a variety of teas and savoury snacks, making it a relaxing spot for you and your pet friend.


Vibe: Eccentric and inviting, with a variety of teas and snacks.

Cuisine: Focus on teas and an assortment of savory snacks.

Perfect For: A relaxing tea time with your furry friend.


10. Chaayos

Multiple locations in Gurgaon

pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon

Chaayos, as you might know already, is a well-known chai café offering outdoor seating areas for pets. Known for its extensive selection of teas and munchies, Chaayos allows you to enjoy your preferred cup of chai as your pet relaxes peacefully by your side. They are rated to be one of the best pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon because of this.


Vibe: Casual and friendly, known for its chai.

Cuisine: Extensive selection of teas and snacks.

Perfect For: Enjoying a casual cup of chai with your pet by your side.


Each of these pet-friendly restaurants in Gurgaon offers a unique experience, ensuring both you and your pet can enjoy a great time out. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, a spot for a play date, or a fine dining experience, these restaurants have you covered. So, when in Gurgaon, don’t miss the chance to explore these amazing pet-friendly restaurants with your furry companion!


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