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Top Kennels for Dogs Near You

Snouters is India’s largest network of 5-star pet homestays offering personalized care of highest quality to furbbabies. Thousands of pet parents month on month trust Snouters to take care of their pets while they are away. We feel grateful for the trust and love we have received from Pet parents across India. While we are able to service huge chunk of pet parents who reach out to us, there are still few pet parents who fail to find availability with a Snouters pet host leaving them with lot of worry and disappointment.

We at Snouters have been getting many requests from worried pet parents to suggest good commercial pet boarding centres/Kennels for dogs which can be an alternative when Snouters host availability is an issue. We are providing you with a list of cage free pet boarding centres or Kennels for dogs trusted by other pet parents in your city. Feel free to reach out to them on the contact numbers when you need them. In some cases, you will be able to get a 10% discount using the coupon code Snouters10.

Kennels for dogs bangalore delhi mumbai hyderabad

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Bangalore

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Delhi

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Mumbai

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Kolkata

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Gurgaon

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Noida

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Pune

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Ahmedabad

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Kochi

Pet Boarding Centers & Kennels in Hyderabad

Finding a safe place for our furbabies while travelling is always a tough task. Of course the first choice is always to look for friends and family who can help, but unfortunately not a reliable option always. The closest to friends and family is the bunch of pet lovers on Snouters who can offer a safe space for your pet. Snouters offers the best pet home stays near you with:

    1. Personalised care
    2. Daily Photo/Video Updates 
    3. Vet expense cover
    4. Reservation guarantee
    5. 24×7 support

These are options which may not exist with the commercial pet boarding centers or other kennels for dogs. But, for those rare scenarios where you were not able to find a convenient host on Snouters, you can for sure consider one of the commercial pet boarding centers or kennels for dogs from the list above. These are well known pet boarding centers and kennels near you which pet parents vouch for safety. That means there is less risk of those tick infections or kennel cough associated with commercial pet boarding centers and kennels. 

We will keep this list updated on a regular basis as we hear more feedback from pet parents. In case you need a safe and trusted pet home stay near for your furbaby, please check out here.