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6 Simple Steps to Train Your Dog for a Good Time at a Pet Boarding-Emotionally and Physically

Contrary to popular belief, just identifying the correct dog boarding for your buddy, is not enough preparation to ensure a good and painless experience at a pet boarding. While making sure that the service you opt for is top-notch like Snouters, there are several other things to keep in mind and tick off from the checklist of preparations. It is essential to understand your furry friend’s needs and emotional state before dropping them off at a dog boarding near you.

It is no surprise that it is better, in the long run, to stop something bad or illness before it happens. For a dog lover, their pet means everything. The feeling of having to leave your dog at a pet boarding service is already very overwhelming, but to send them without the necessary preparations and emotional support will only be worse. Your dog is your family and separation can be extremely challenging for you both.. However, following a few simple ways to prepare in advance can make the experience less taxing. Here are 6 steps to ensure a happy pet boarding experience for your fur ball and yourself.

1. Sending them in with a perfect health record.

Never ever make the horrendous mistake of skipping a visit to the vet before boarding. Your dog needs to be vaccinated for Rabies, Canine Distemper and Kennel Cough. Another essential point to remember is ticks. Tick bites can cause fever, headache, muscle soreness, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash. However good the service may be, getting a few drops of tick and flea repellent for your dog is necessary.

2. Check for Separation Anxiety and keep your furry friend comfortable.

Talk to your dog sitter and inform them about the mental state of your pooch before boarding. If your pet experience separation anxiety, you can demand less alone time for your dog or none at all if it is severe. The last few days before sending them off are extremely crucial. Spend time with your dog and try to get them adjusted to proper food timings and sleep schedules. 

3. Prepare a bag of essentials.

Medical records, bowls, favourite toy, blanket and an item that smells like you. A lot of boarding services refuse to take any personal items and bowls but if you want your fluffy baby to feel at ease, try your best to send them in with a few things of their liking. It will not only keep them rooted to you but also help with anxiety.

4. Walks and Play before the drop-off.

Taking your furry companion for a walk or a fun game of fetch before the separation is a good way to make it easier. Trust me, I say this from experience. A little physical exhaustion tends to help them settle down at the dog boarding faster and keeps them calm.

Another thing you can try is to play with them at the pet boarding before you leave. It will make the environment familiar and help them adjust later on.

5. Do not over feed and maintain your pooch’s gut health.

Being nervous about improper feeding by the boarding service is quite common in dog owners. However, going overboard and feeding them in excess during the last few days is not a good idea. Dogs tend to suffer from indigestion in new places with different kinds of smells, out of anxiety or even excitement. If anything, feed them slightly less than normal to maintain good gut health, and a happy healthy tummy before leaving them with the sitter.

6. Make sure the final Goodbye is quick and simple.

This is the most difficult step to follow, but to be frank, quite self-explanatory. Longer goodbyes mean tougher times adjusting for your little one. If your last pat or kiss isn’t brief, it will tip your dog off and the separation anxiety will automatically kick in. Every single time that I’ve had to follow this tip, my car journeys from the boarding service have been teary and messy. But I’m sure you understand why every single bit of the pain makes it easier for your fur ball to have a comfortable stay. Following this step will ensure that your pet doesn’t immediately start feeling anxious, depressed or abandoned. So buck up, it’s necessary!

We at Snouters ensure a great stay and a comfortable time for your furry friends. However, no amount of comfort at the pet boarding will match the one that you can provide by following these simple steps before leaving them with us. Choosing the right service, the perfect pet sitter or doggy daycare along with these preventative measures will make the separation easier. When you come back to receive your fluffy baby, these can make sure they are in the best condition possible!