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6 most trustworthy vets in Noida

Trustworthy and substantiated vets in Noida: 

A list of hand-picked clinics and vets in Noida that loving pet parents rely upon and wholeheartedly recommend.

Identifying the right veterinarian specialist for their furry friend can often be precarious. Particularly when there is a crisis, or the procedure is extremely sensitive like sterilization or even common vaccination.

Snouters being the biggest pet services organization in Noida, crunched the information given by thousands of pet parent clients across Noida to find the rundown of the most chosen vets in Noida. We have narrowed it down to 7 pet clinics/vets in Noida as the most trusted and suggested by other fellow pet guardians.

This rundown is the solution to your question “vets in Noida”. This is not a ranking, so go ahead and pick the vet closest to you.

1. Panacea Veterinary Clinic:

Health boarding

When necessary, they take their cherished pets into their care under their medical supervision to aid in their healing.


The first step in keeping their pets healthy is timely vaccination. At their facilities, they will carefully vaccinate their dogs.


Does their pet require surgery for a wound or illness? Do not fret. They have performed over a thousand successful procedures therefore they are always up to the challenge.

EEG and diagnostics, X-rays

They quickly diagnose their pets when they are not feeling well using their on-site X-ray and EEG technology.

Contact: +91 9718 211122

Address: SB-06, Sector 117, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304, India

2. Cure and Heal Pet Clinic:

They provide general veterinary surgical procedures as well as medical care. They put a lot of effort into making sure you and your pet can enter and exit safely. They provide inexpensive surgery and high-quality medical care. Their clinic is ergonomically built with the comfort of the animals in mind.

They prioritize providing the best service possible, caring for animals sensitively, and promoting quick healing. 

The hospital’s doctors, technicians, and support staff are enthusiastic animal lovers who work hard to show the animals compassion and unconditional love. In addition to having a fully stocked on-site pharmacy and pet supply store, the facility adheres to strict standards for its facilities, tools, and operating methods.

Contact and Address:
Plot no C1/1 Main Road Sector 31 Noida
Contact Tel: +91 – 9718982096

3.Krishna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital:

By safeguarding animal health and therefore, preventing, and alleviating animal suffering, conserving animal resources, promoting public health, and advancing medical knowledge, “Krishna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital” earnestly shears to apply its scientific knowledge and expertise for the good of society. They are the top vets in Noida City because they have been practicing their profession with integrity, decency, and adherence to veterinary medical ethics for more than 6 years.

Animal health and public health have both benefited greatly from veterinary vaccines, which also lessen animal suffering. In affluent nations, rabies in humans has been all but eradicated thanks to rabies vaccines for both domestic and wild animals.

Contact: 9404727100

Address: Krishna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital, Near Baramda Restaurant, PK A-8 Sec 122 Noida

4. Pet Veterinary Clinic:

 “One of the greatest vets in Noida is Dr. Suresh.” Exclaimed a satisfied pet parent,” Ever since my baby Arrow (a Doberman) received his first vaccination, I have been taking him.

To keep track of all the immunization schedules and time for booster doses, he handed Arrow a vaccination book with his name on it. Not only that, but he also keeps this current and calls or texts me regularly to remind me to get Arrow’s shot. There were a few occasions when I was unable to transport Arrow to his clinic, so I asked him to, if at all possible, send someone to my home. He responded quickly and without delay, sending someone to my home that exact day. He is constantly there to help in any emergency.

Contact: 070007 44920/0120 601 7907

Address Shop No – 1, Sunworld Center, near HDFC Bank, Sector 107, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301, India

5. Dr. Bishnoi’s Pet Clinic:


With the highest care and compassion, they care for cats, dogs, birds, and ferrets.


Immunization against feline and canine heartworm, rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, kennel cough, premortem, distemper, leptospirosis, and rabies. Variothem procedures are being performed by them at reasonable costs, and they also have an IPD facility. 

Contact: +91-9560911880

Address: C-3, Sector 49, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201307

6. Sanjeevani Pet Clinic and Surgery:

You will discover this area. Very large, experienced medical personnel, chiroteuthid staff, ample, clean waiting room. Puppies (for immunization) and Seriothem patients have separate cabins.

Contact: 098385 94471

Address: E- 33, Maithili Marg, Sector 55, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307, India

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